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Dwarf Fortress - Matul Remrit

by Star Guarded

Part 8: - Galena


1st Galena 1051
The nefarious trees! Their retaliations escalate. I dodged an ancient chestnut where it toppled. Any tree that assaults I come next for their sapling. There are no innocents.

4th Galena 1051
They constructed a butcher room for the terrifying Dett. I do not understand the need for two.

7th Galena 1051
Today I lumbered six trees while I felt observed. Suspicious.

9th Galena 1051
The mules were moved to the mule container room. The terrible Behem suggested we butcher them. Repugnant! No harm will be done upon these valiant creatures.

11th Galena 1051
Misfortune! The ale and meat supplies diminished. There is no room to build food in. I quarreled with our impotent leader while the dregs have thirst.

15th Galena 1051
Our imprudent leader bellowed to lumber more trees while the wood burners kindle their forges. I hear their hammers ring while I deliver bundles. Ominous. What unspeakable inventions birth in their toil of fire and sweat?

16th Galena 1051
Today I helped dregs smooth walls. The dolt Exi engraved the image of cats all on them.

17th Galena 1051
I have begun a game. The docile trees that do not fuss are constructed into masterwork buckets. The savage trees that attempt murder are constructed into coal.

20th Galena 1051
Chaos! Today while lumbering trees I heard an elf bird attack the intimidating Hyte. From the distance the hero Squib ran in to butcher it. Traumatizing! I fled to the uproarious Bravemule where I discovered bedlam from a cunning ruse. The elves conspired with a thief to kill our ineffectual leader. It escaped while failing.

21st Galena 1051
The honorable Squib slew the elf thief! She returned with its head while the dregs celebrated. It is an ugly beardless creature. The ruthless Kou claimed its pig tail fiber socks while not caring.

23rd Galena 1051
Our meandering leader called a meeting where he bellowed if the militia does not recruit our rooms will be carved into octogones. The brave Hog took up sword and mail.

25th Galena 1051
I have annihilated the woodlands while the leaves whisper my name in hushed horror. I feel branches quiver while I pass. The trees sweat sap fearing the axe touch upon their bark. Adequate.

27th Galena 1051
The third floor nears completion. Its progress halts while we must drink water. It is dubious that more brothers live. A tall Bravemule will lure caravans.