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by Star Guarded

Part 14: - Moonstone


2nd Moonstone 1051
I contain hatred for the season of winter. The river froze. It means the turtles are all dead I wish but there is nothing to drink of until leader negotiates the commodities.

3rd Moonstone 1051
Three tens five. A tunnel of serrated discs. There is a plate to retrieve the disc but the disc is retrieved with speed. It severs the limbs.

4th Moonstone 1051
Exi does not stop his cretinous blubber. Mittens is not trapped in the walls. I will not skewer her during room hollow.

6th Moonstone 1051
I helped leader negotiate with the Dreadlion diplomat. I was ordered to strike the ice if the trade agreement was denied.

7th Moonstone 1051
The agreement demands mule meat imports offers stone flute exports. It offers enough stone flutes to be more than numbers. The diplomat demanded it. I do not know which dreg can craft stone flutes.

8th Moonstone 1051
I moved the trade commodities underground. No dregs helped until the ale was moved but it was consumed while I retrieved more commodities. It is a worthless dwarf that exploits labor.

11th Moonstone 1051
I have begun a construction with Exi. My suggestion was a pit to throw corpses in but Exi said a tomb would be the art. It is corpses. It is stacked meat gore bones in a container. It does not change with a noble container. It is still corpses.

13th Moonstone 1051
Three tens six. A burrow with furnaces. The prisoners put the wood in the furnaces. The wood is burned for coal.

16th Moonstone 1051
Frote trains a pack of war mutts for the militia commander. He has numerous animals. I suggested to butcher one to make its brothers quarrel over the meat but he said that is not how to train. It would work.

20th Moonstone 1051
Three tens seven. A mutt with a rope on it. The rope is tied to Bravemule. The mutt skewers elves.

22nd Moonstone 1051
I helped Exi stop his blubber. He named it Boots.

23rd Moonstone 1051
Construction on the burial room completed. I will not write the name. It is cretinous.

25th Moonstone 1051
Leader ordered permission to begin the construction of ideas alone. It means no architect scrutiny with the structure no soldier quarrel with the noise no management meddle with the pick. It will be efficient.

27th Moonstone 1051
The caravan left. The next will not.