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Part 20: - Slate


1st Slate 1052
I am certain I declared to leader to raid the Dreadlion caravan in Timber in 1051. It is imaginable there would be no clods polluting Bravemule as perhaps dwarf colonies do not send migrants to a tower having murder bandits. Perhaps I am a dolt who is wrong.

2nd Slate 1052
Leader called a meeting to determine how to handle clods. The dregs uproared to drown them in the water holes. It could solve the problems. I do not know. I must know nothing at all about determinations.

3rd Slate 1052
Leader determined the clods be moved down to the burrow to not have to look upon them.

4th Slate 1052
Behem complains she has not completed burrow construction. Bravemule is with prisoners and without a completed burrow to keep them. It is clear I should plan for nonsense to occur at all times.

5th Slate 1052
There are less walls with opals. I fear the gems become scarce. I cut each opal as a crucial treasure.

7th Slate 1052
It is terrible on me to hear the clod noise beneath us. Oh we are miserable the clods blubber! Oh we are oppressed! There is no appreciation for the burrow we allow them to snooze in or the murder not done upon them.

10th Slate 1052
I encrusted a stone flute with opals in the holes for export. Perhaps Dreadlion will regret sending migrants when all their stone flutes have gem corks. I am cunning.

11th Slate 1052
The furnaces were moved down to the burrow to allow labors for the clods. It is good on me to no longer hear the furnaces.

18th Slate 1052
I do not know if the trap tunnel beneath the burrow keeps the clods out of the deep caverns. Perhaps clods are dolts who know nothing at all about traps that sever the limbs. Oh the worthless clod! It does not understand serrated discs.

21st Slate 1052
There are no walls with opals. The miners explained leader ordered to hollow the deep caverns. It is terrible on me to go to the deep caverns to snatch gems.

22nd Slate 1052
I loathe each clod. It is clear their purpose is to pollute Bravemule with coward nonsense. Oh we are clods! Oh we could never war! How worthless we are! Oh what is a raid we are clods who know nothing at all!

23rd Slate 1052
I snatched opals from the deep caverns. I fear each alcove with webs. It is imaginable there are terrible presences who wait in the dark.

24th Slate 1052
I cut the opals. It is not the same. There is less pride to snatch gems from a wall than a caravan. Walls do not scream and die. Red opals are the more crucial treasure.

25th Slate 1052
The nonsense happens for too many sunrises. Perhaps the clods will regret their presence when I am terrible on them. I am sinister.