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by Star Guarded

Part 21: - Felsite


2nd Felsite 1052
Terror dreams haunt me. Horrible elf steeds with bloat muscles and razor clops. Chewed me with rock teeth and swallowed me all.

6th Felsite 1052
Miners hollowed a deep cavern path. Miners left rocks scattered. Felt approval for the creation to be had.

7th Felsite 1052
Sun rises sun falls. I carve all rocks into flutes. I toss all flutes into bins. It is work. Masterpiece forms when I snooze. Horrible perfection.

9th Felsite 1052
Looked at a clod. Day ruined.

11th Felsite 1052
Moved beds into the burrow. It is clods that would whimper a rock floor is not comfortable. It is clods that are not war hardened. Beds were not earned.

13th Felsite 1052
Felt approval for Clure. She shapes all metal into weapons. Does she know the urge to create horrible elf steeds?

16th Felsite 1052
Moved a well into the burrow. Draws water from the deep caverns. Clods whimpered they must drink to survive. Grotesque demands. Felt scorn for clods that do not know they are horrible burdens.

17th Felsite 1052
Suffered a terror dream. Rigid ears heard all words. Swollen eyes saw all movement. Tail swished. It is not known for what purpose the elf steed swished the tail.

20th Felsite 1052
Exi created a trade post ceiling to ignore the sun. Felt approval for the creation. Named "Careful Square to Negotiate Commodities Under."

22nd Felsite 1052
Behem requested for a rock lever. Do not know who told her I carve rocks. It is Behem who created the horrible burrow. Pull her levers and murder happens. No creations for Behem.

23rd Felsite 1052
Discovered gold ore in the deep caverns. Told Clure gold ore can be shaped into horrible vermin statues.

24th Felsite 1052
Terror dream. Elf steeds emerged from octogones. Grotesque whinnies echoed down all tunnels and rattled my bones. Horrible whinnies.

26th Felsite 1052
Must carve masterpiece. Must shape the rigid ears and bloat muscles from terror dreams. Must carve statues for the elf steeds. Must carve name into statues for the elf steeds to know.

27th Felsite 1052
Masterpiece created. Horrible perfection.