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by Star Guarded

Part 23: - Hematite


1st Hematite 1052
I believe Dreadlion will come for us. I do not believe other clods.

2nd Hematite 1052
To the mules that watch the burrow: I put wood in furnaces until I had nose sneezes become black globs with cinders. How I have unsettling sneezes is proof I had no time for schemes or never knew schemes.

4th Hematite 1052
Caten is angered how the furnaces bother her snooze. I can not put wood in furnaces with less noise. That fire is unsettling is reason for me to hurl wood into the furnaces from a far distance.

5th Hematite 1052
The sheriff inspects the burrow for schemes at sunrise. We do not tread near her.

7th Hematite 1052
I can not get water from the well. The clods surround it and quarrel about the bucket. I have thirst.

11th Hematite 1052
Flie thinks the sheriff obtained her mule head when a mule farmer had schemes. The sheriff solved the schemes and fashioned the mule into a tunic while the farmer watched. I do not believe this.

14th Hematite 1052
I explored a tunnel near the burrow. It went to a vacant room with an unscrupulous shape. How the shape haunts me is reason for me to never return to the room.

15th Hematite 1052
Reast warned the sheriff could see our journals during inspection. That I do not know what schemes are or I would never have schemes is good.

18th Hematite 1052
Caten is angered how the sharp gems encrusted in the beds bother her snooze. It could be worse. Dowl has vermin in his beard. I have nose sneezes with cinders in the globs.

23rd Hematite 1052
The burrow is becoming drowned. It smells like river. Caten is angered. I do not see the problem. I drank the mud water.

24th Hematite 1052
The burrow has stopped becoming drowned. I have mud on clothes and unsettling sneezes.

26th Hematite 1052
Arkus thinks the sheriff obtained her mule head when two mules stared at each other. The sheriff fashioned the first mule that blinked into a tunic. I do not know if I believe this.

27th Hematite 1052
A giant bat flew out the well while clods quarreled over the bucket. The mules beat it with clops.

28th Hematite 1052
I miss Dreadlion.