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by Star Guarded

Part 25: - Galena


1st Galena 1052
I completed militia initiation. I was not first to chase and wrestle a horse though I achieved before Narot. He is inferior.

2nd Galena 1052
The commander notified though we have taken up sword and mail we are still clods. It does not matter. We have ale privilege. I would abide worse names to keep ale privilege. Dolt. Elf. Peacer.

3rd Galena 1052
I will achieve first kill. I foresee the commander will name me superior clod and grant a golden throne that menaces with spikes of gold. I will drink ale on it. A servant will clean spilled ale on orders.

4th Galena 1052
There are new militia rooms for clods. There are no loud furnaces or frightful horse statues. On sunrise we train to war.

5th Galena 1052
Lasui trains with no weapon. She is inferior. A fist does not sever limbs. A fist creates little bruises.

9th Galena 1052
I do not understand how the burrow clods name us abandoners. I took up sword and mail to protect the burrow. The other clods were not brave.

12th Galena 1052
The dreg with braids constructed an iron lever in the tower. She said I would need rank of war mule or higher to learn lever purpose. All privileges for Trumpet! A clod never receives head rubs.

16th Galena 1052
The commander notified there are caravan elves on the horizon though I have not seen elves with moustaches before.

17th Galena 1052
The caravan elves march to the trade post. I will achieve first kill. I foresee the dregs will celebrate me with a barrel of rum and mule meat. A frightful statue will depict Deon the War Hardened.

18th Galena 1052
The trade post ceiling collapsed. I did not achieve first kill. No dwarf achieved first kill. I need ale.

19th Galena 1052
I cleaned spilled blood on orders. The collapse pushed a caravan elf in the water holes. It can not swim. The dregs taunt and chortle with names. Beardneeder. Treefriend. Rufflewearer.

22nd Galena 1052
Flie chases butterflies though he declines to train. A peacer should not have taken up sword and mail. He is inferior.

23rd Galena 1052
The dreg with a cat completed construction on a new trade post. It is named "Amicable Trade Post Where Behem Will Not Construct Murder Levers."

25th Galena 1052
Trumpet achieved first kill. I cleaned spilled blood on orders. I need ale.

26th Galena 1052
Lesh trains though she is a little dwarf. She is inferior. The elves will step on her and not notice.

28th Galena 1052
The clods are trained. The commander formed three squads. I am a warrior of the shield. On sunrise we march to the deep caverns. I foresee I will achieve more head rubs than Trumpet.