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by Star Guarded

Part 27: - Limestone


1st Limestone 1052
The captain Skirn ordered to legend war while it occurs. I am ordered not to complain it is burdensome to legend while I war. I am ordered not to legend false boasts of feats carried out from the clod Reast. I am Reast.

War Legend 1
The militia arms with weapons. The militia marches into the burrow. The clod Giben states militia clods are abandoners. It is stated with contempt. The clods Perat and Kalu sneeze and spittle upon the militia. The sneezes unsettle.

War Legend 2
The militia marches into the trap tunnel. There are giant spider limbs in the serrated discs. The clod Caten boasts of murder. No dreg believes the boast.

War Legend 3
The militia marches into the deep caverns. The captain Sorc orders to beware for cave elves.

War Legend 4
The militia stations. There are noises from the dark alcoves. The clod Caten promises to protect the clod Reast.

War Legend 5
The cave elves assault. The clod Reast has not seen elves with muscles before. The commander Squib slashes throats of cave elves with sword. The slashes traumatize. A cave elf tears out stomach meat of the clod Ridor with hand.

War Legend 6
The captain Skirn orders the clod Ridor to the medical room. It is ordered with contempt. The clod Deon complains the war mule Trumpet steals murders.

War Legend 7
There are blood stacks. A cave elf tears off arm meat of the clod Lasui with hand. The captain Skirn severs torsos of cave elves with sword.

War Legend 8
The cave elves die. The clod Flie smears blood on weapon to appear war hardened. The clod Lasui refuses the medical room. It is refused with determination. The clod Narot warns a troll is in the dark alcoves.

War Legend 9
The militia assaults. The troll tumbles the clods Guin and Lesh with arm. The troll tears out throat meat of the clod Caten with teeth. The captain Sorc crushes the head of the troll with shield.

War Legend 10
The clod Caten bleeds. The clod Caten bleeds. The clod Caten dies.

9th Limestone 1052
The militia celebrated with a barrel of rum and mule meat. No dreg remembers Caten. I am an abandoner.

10th Limestone 1052
I returned to the deep caverns.

26th Limestone 1052
The commander Squib warned there are elf birds on the horizon. I have not seen elves with talons before.