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Dwarf Fortress - Matul Remrit

by Star Guarded

Part 31: - Moonstone


1st Moonstone 1052
Riddance the decision that leader bellowed. The clod will never merit becoming Matul Remrit. I hold privilege over the clod in consequence of raided caravans in old times. The clod toils in the burrow in consequence of a contemptible nature.

2nd Moonstone 1052
The river froze. I fish the deep caverns with worm bait for more turtle friends. I am several sunrises from a hook.

6th Moonstone 1052
Frote refused to train war turtles. If not trained turtle friends will not be safe from the clod. I picture the turtle friends suffer cold and hunger in lonesome shells as the clod terrorizes them.

7th Moonstone 1052
Moved imported barrels of mule meat to the storage room. Delicious little mules.

9th Moonstone 1052
Leader ordered the deep caverns explored for more gold ore. It must be found. The clod can not toil in the burrow without gold ore to smelt. Without the burrow the clod would have freedom to be terrible in more areas.

11th Moonstone 1052
Clure does not understand it is futile to mentor the clod. The clod will never learn to bandit. I slew elves in old times. The clod could slew a vermin or a small marmot. A large marmot would slew the clod.

13th Moonstone 1052
There are no turtles to be hooked in the deep caverns. I could merit respect as fisherdwarf if I hooked a deep cavern monster. I do not think terrible monsters are interested in worm bait.

14th Moonstone 1052
The Dreadlion diplomat demanded turtles. I would not abandon friends to them.

17th Moonstone 1052
The caravan left. Riddance the civil dwarves born of mountains and cities. Leader forgot Matul Remrit negotiated commodities with a sword in old times. All that a Dreadlion diplomat deserves for commodities is blood.

19th Moonstone 1052
The militia slew monsters in the deep caverns to retrieve more gold ore. I looked upon the war legends. The clod did not suffer death. The clod did not suffer injuries. It is contemptible terrible monsters failed to mangle the clod.

20th Moonstone 1052
The militia commander does not understand it is futile to give the clod sword and mail. The clod will never merit trust. I would defend Bravemule. I picture the clod cower as elves terrorize and wear ruffles without murder done upon them.

21st Moonstone 1052
Exi refused to engrave pictures of turtle friends. I recall reasons I do not keep dwarf friends.

23rd Moonstone 1052
I had a hook in the deep caverns.

24th Moonstone 1052
I picture Hyte drowned her meat in consequence of the clod becoming Matul Remrit. Riddance the wretched sheriff who drowns without slewing the clod with her. Matul Remrit endures.

28th Moonstone 1052
The militia ran from the deep caverns in terror. The commander swore the forgotten one approaches.