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Part 33: - Obsidian


2nd Obsidian 1052
There is no war with the deep caverns blocked. The captain Sorc will hold combat demonstrations for warriors of the shield. I describe the combat demonstrations as a method for the captain to humiliate us while he trains to war.

3rd Obsidian 1052
The vermin from the burrow are alive in the beard. I do not have resentment toward the vermin. I would live in the beard also if it were larger to where it would house me.

4th Obsidian 1052
There are more work rooms hollowed. Yarm declared that former clods are not to labor near her. It is agreeable for no dwarf would desire to look upon her hideous gem color and arrangement.

6th Obsidian 1052
I quarreled with Arkus. Clods were not given sword and mail to protect the burrow. Clods died to obtain gold ore from the deep caverns. In Bravemule there are no tombs for us.

8th Obsidian 1052
Fury about combat demonstrations! The captain grazed the beard with a blade. I lost precious hairs. I do not want to be looked upon. It was luck a vermin was not harmed.

9th Obsidian 1052
I visited Guin in the medical room. He does not wake from a snooze. The doctor wrapped his organs in cloth to help.

11th Obsidian 1052
I smoothed floors with other dwarves. Exi engraved squares on the smooth floors with a hurried method.

13th Obsidian 1052
Kalu thinks I am an abandoner. Kalu does not have a magnificent beard to protect from dreg thieves. I would not be in the militia also if I had an unkempt beard with hideous hairs that do not flow.

15th Obsidian 1052
I quarreled with Arkus. Clods did not earn the name dreg from war and labor. Clods were named dregs from fear of Dreadlion reprisal. In Bravemule there is no concern for us.

18th Obsidian 1052
There are more living rooms for former clods. I do not feel gems encrusted in the beds.

20th Obsidian 1052
I have guilt toward the vermin. I confess. On 20th Moonstone hunger struck me in the burrow and I consumed a terrified rat. The vermin alive in the beard witnessed the betrayal and scuttled. It was delicious.

21st Obsidian 1052
The captain is too unsettled to hold combat demonstrations with Ridor. Ridor has stomach meat that is not in his stomach. He does not want to visit the medical room. He does not seem bothered how the stomach meat dangles.

24th Obsidian 1052
The tower construction is complete. The dregs celebrated with a barrel of rum and mule meat. The tower could use fortifications on the ledges to prevent falls to terrible deaths. It could solve the problems. I do not know.

26th Obsidian 1052
Guin died in the medical room. Fury about Kalu! He thinks abandoners deserve death. I do not have resentment toward the abandoners. I have resentment toward Matul Remrit.

27th Obsidian 1052
I returned to the burrow.