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by Star Guarded

Part 34: - Interlude


10th Slate 1050
Raid plan: collide a wagon into the elf caravan from a hill. In bedlam warriors of the arm will strike guards. Common dregs will chase coward merchants that flee. The caravan commodities will be robbed from corpses.

11th Slate 1050
In camp dregs drank barrels of rum with wolf meat. The raid will happen in a sunrise. Kou is too drunk to raid for us. Three raids of three Kou has threatened to be fierce with elves before drunk snoozes happened.

12th Slate 1050
A massacre was done on the elves. The wagons are full of flower stink. I moved commodities to camp for storage.

26th Slate 1050
Broker counted four dead and names known as: Dogh Malto Poruk Yert. No dead were warriors of the arm. I buried them in dirt. Matul Remrit endures.

13th Felsite 1050
There are no raids to be done until Slate. Leader ordered the camp to be moved on the seasons. Trame bellowed: settle on a camp that does not move. Leader administered discipline on Trame for terrible ideas.

16th Felsite 1050
I resumed training with the arm. Jagt is eager to defeat me in spars. I reminded I have not known defeat.

4th Hematite 1050
The camp moves. I moved commodities to wagons for travel. I saw common dregs cut wood and hunt animals. It is honorable for a dreg to overcome monsters.

8th Malachite 1050
I sharpened the bronze blade. It is worn. It has known many elves since I fled the mountainhome and knelt with it.

20th Galena 1050
I denied two common dregs initiation into the arm. Bronze armor is scarce and must be kept for champion warriors.

4th Limestone 1050
The camp moves. An exile with the name Hog sought initiation. I see terror beneath the brave. Leader bestowed sword and leather.

8th Limestone 1050
The scouts found a tower of grey dwellers with elven ears. Red hoods and iron swords. Raiders of colonies. Broker counted hundreds. Leader ordered to avoid.

7th Sandstone 1050
I dismissed Atu from the arm for not showing virtues. Drunk wrestling a badger is dishonorable. A warrior of the arm must show discipline in company of wild bandits for the order in Matul Remrit depends on our example.

14th Timber 1050
At evening meat Exi had a quarrel with Mittens. Claws did a massacre on him. I offered wolf meat for comfort.

4th Moonstone 1050
Found a cave of hermit families. It is unknown what banished them from their mountainhome. Broker negotiated our shameful elven commodities for ale. The parents denied initiation into Matul Remrit.

23rd Obsidian 1050
The scouts found an elf wagon that travels ahead of season. Elves attempt to avoid raids. There are no guards.

24th Obsidian 1050
Raid plan: warriors of the arm will give the elf wagon fire. Common dregs will strike from the forest. The wagon commodities will be robbed from corpses.

26th Obsidian 1050

27th Obsidian 1050
Leader is dead. I am last of the arm. Dead can not be counted. Wilderness animals devoured corpses. Found twelve survivors and claimed leadership from rank. Kou awoke confused from a drunk snooze. Okand suffers head wounds.

28th Obsidian 1050
A dreg saw Trame flee on the elf wagon in bedlam. The brothers live. Wolves and wounds will not stay my pursuit. I will find them.