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Part 37: - Slate

1st Slate 1054
I deem five patients with open wounds. There is no cloth to block the blood. I deem two patients crippled. The seven patients are known as warriors of the militia. The chief medical dwarf dreads further loss.

2nd Slate 1054
The cripple Vill is concerned about an infant known as Oven. I consoled the cripple Vill how the infant is sure to parent itself into a bearded and fed dwarf of grim character on its own.

4th Slate 1054
I did a decree. I delivered a used pup to the pup tombs.

8th Slate 1054
The cripple Reast informed how deep caverns contain giant spider webs to weave for cloth. I do not know why the cripple Reast informed. No medical methods can heal the cripple Reast.

9th Slate 1054
Kesti delivered a bucket of water and a barrel of fish stew to the patient Arkus. I suspect this is done to preach of Comnith Ad Comnith to dwarves unable to flee. The chief medical dwarf is flustered when Kesti does this.

12th Slate 1054
I remember the cripple Reast from Dreadlion in old times. He was born from paltry crafters. I do not know why the poor did not leap into tall pits with spears at the bottom.

15th Slate 1054
I asked Uruf to construct looms. She constructed second and third looms.

16th Slate 1054
I learned the patient Arkus is a former clod. I wonder which terrible crimes were done to deserve the burrow in old times. Did the patient Arkus wear ruffles or do slander upon our exalted leader? Did the patient Arkus vandal furniture?

18th Slate 1054
Oven wanders the halls on its own. No cripple can parent the infant Oven. The infant is sure to feed itself soon.

21st Slate 1054
I deem the patient Arkus dead.

22nd Slate 1054
The medical room is full with miasma. Kou claimed pig tail fiber socks from Arkus without care. The chief medical dwarf is flustered when Kou does this.

23rd Slate 1054
Dowl moved Arkus to where former clods are buried. I do not know where.

24th Slate 1054
I did a petition. There are giant spider webs to weave for cloth in the deep caverns. The looms are made. Dregs will continue to be deemed dead without cloth. The deep caverns must be unsealed for Matul Remrit to endure.

25th Slate 1054
I ate in the food hall. It is said Voxe and Affi birthed an infant known as Whint. I suspect grey elves will not be allowed to snatch this one.

26th Slate 1054
Advisor Rall announced the deep caverns have been unsealed. Each dreg is ordered to not panic over alleged hideous monstrosities or alleged unspeakable horrors. The brave militia will defend Bravemule.

27th Slate 1054
I consoled the chief medical dwarf how the dead do not suffer. Misery is only known before death. It would be kinder to murder the patients. Above all the worthless cripples.

28th Slate 1054
The militia marches. The forgotten one waits.