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Part 41: - Malachite


1st Malachite 1054
I welcomed dwarves returned from the medical room. I jested them how pleasant it must have been to suffer terrible agonies in the medical room instead of train to war. It is a good nature jest.

3rd Malachite 1054
I allowed Onkri an individual living room with chests and cabinets. I was careful how the location is distant from the living rooms of former clods to avoid a terrible influence on the child. Ravot does not receive a living room.

4th Malachite 1054
The commander ordered strict training with intent to march on the war elf camp. It is the wrong decision. The militia must march on the grey elves.

7th Malachite 1054
I reported Lasui to the commander for not sparring with both arms.

8th Malachite 1054
There is a terrible meat in the food hall. I will not feed this to child Onkri.

10th Malachite 1054
The sheriff Timd expanded the prisoner room in anticipation of war elves. I jested him how the treefriends will have pleasant iron cages to abide in as mangled corpses.

15th Malachite 1054
I sparred with partner Affi to parent Whint on war. I am satisfied how the infant watches to learn.

16th Malachite 1054
I reported Gheim to the commander for snoozes that occur when strict training is scheduled.

18th Malachite 1054
Advisor Rall announced an elf lizard devoured weavers Giben and Zeek. The warriors of the shield marched to avenge.

19th Malachite 1054
Rethe avenged against the elf lizard. Japa was delivered to the medical room with a left foot containing a broken toe. Mendo informed he will not be recovered when the march on the war elf camp occurs.

23rd Malachite 1054
I reported Lesh to the commander for unfavorable comments about our supreme leader.

25th Malachite 1054
Oven is dead. I buried the infant in the pup tombs.

26th Malachite 1054
I visited Vill in the medical room. I jested her how she will not have to parent further as she and Astun failed to parent Oven for survival. It is a good nature jest.

28th Malachite 1054
The militia is not trained to march. It is burdened with former clods and privileged dwarves who have never suffered a reason to avenge. At Dreadlion we were nobles. At Bravemule we must become warriors.