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Dwarf Fortress - Matul Remrit

by Star Guarded

Part 43: - Interlude


Day 305 of Scouting
I spat when Atrix shouted to march on the Dwarf menace, for vengeance of the caravan crushed, or be marched on, for vengeance of the Milker slain. I would not hearken to shouting, as she does not hath a soldier heart, nor is war yet our mission. I am not a coward before the Dwarf. It is not yet our mission.

Day 308 of Scouting
Tempers run high in the twelvemonth. Yea, there was dispute over the pond water. Hein beat a young Soldier, committing all manner of violence and brutality, and destroyed many of the teeth. I pardoned Hein, who declared I did bust that Bastard mouth, I did drink of the water with no regret. I admired his candor.

Day 311 of Scouting
Hein challenged the command I hold with a moustache duel, the comical Fool, making show as if it were not clear I keep the more luxurious and magnificent moustache. I twirled the moustache with all haste, such that a heaviness of shame washed over Hein, as the surf humiliates a shore crab, and tosses it to and from.

Day 316 of Scouting
The Dwarf corpse plagues us no longer with stench or rot. Yea, bones remain. I wish we had not fatally beaten the Milker close to camp, but a year has almost passed and we had a good time about it then.

Day 324 of Scouting
The Dwarf with braids has been seen, adorned with a pick that carves dirt, and a tablet to bore unknown words upon. I doubt not her mission under the dirt is nefarious.

Day 325 of Scouting
Toward the camp a Dwarf made a lewd gesture unto us, committing all manner of vulgarity and indecency, from whence I felt a heaviness of scorn, hitherto not felt since a burst of fatherly discontent cast me from home at an age of ten.

Day 328 of Scouting
A herd of horses galloped past, and came upon our camp, wherein we consumed food. I gave petting unto their beautiful and elongated heads, and hearkened to whinnies, of all which were full of delight and mirth.

Day 329 of Scouting
I observed a terrible Dwarf custom, wherein the Children are not pressed into servitude till the Children have paid the birth debt, rather the Children are not required to labor. It being certainly true that children have no worth, till an age of fourteen, the moustache age, lazed children do not fiercely bother the Dwarf as it should.

Day 330 of Scouting
The horses in the iron cage are afflicted with hunger, having no more food in a fortnight than fish swept to land. I wish to release the beautiful horses from their suffer, from whence plains of grass will become free for gallop, yet the Dwarf menace caged them before us, to spring a sure trap or witness terrible starvation, yea, to torment our compassion.

Day 333 of Scouting
I ordered Atrix to cease shouting. She does not hath words worthy our esteem, or the histories of action earned from the Soldiers within and without the camp, even the young Soldiers, who have likely done more than her, but I have not asked.

Day 334 of Scouting
I am vexed. I have sudden and immense respect for Atrix, where before there was none.

Day 335 of Scouting
The pond has become drained, a sure act of the Dwarf with braids, leaving the camp without water to drink or bathe with. Hein suffers his own thirst and stench; for a small relief hereof, he beat a few Soldiers, who suffered his stench as well.

Day 336 of Scouting
I conceded command to Atrix, who gave her first order within and without the camp, a retreat to meet with Reinforcements well provided, to march on the Dwarf menace worthy our wrath and give them a thousand destructions. The Woman will not hearken to dispute, of all which there is little.

Day 1 of Retreating
No quarter will be given this Enemy who hath committed so many cruelties upon us. We will meet Reinforcements and demolish the tower, and then leave it, burning beforehand the cities under the dirt, and killing the Children, so there will be not one concerneth with vengeful thought. Yea, this Matul Remrit will crumble.