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Dwarf Fortress - Matul Remrit

by Star Guarded

Part 46: - Sandstone


War Legend 70
Burdensome to legend with one arm.

War Legend 71
A stampede of war elves is heard. Drawbridge raised. Fear of breach. Bastards. No retreat.

War Legend 72
War elves march toward the militia on lions and on bears. Captain Sorc orders to escape.

War Legend 73
Captain Sorc and warrior Lesh charge the war elves alone. Militia escapes into forest.

War Legend 74
Forest is still. Militia is terrified. Warrior Rocco is promoted to captain of the shield. No plan.

War Legend 75
Death is certain. Last testament of warrior Fint: all items to our noble leader.

War Legend 76
Lions ambush. Warrior Elim is struck down with teeth. Commander orders to escape.

War Legend 77
A mighty bray is heard.

War Legend 78
Lions are routed. Trumpet bleeds. Trumpet bleeds. Trumpet dies.

War Legend 79
Commander mourns. He was the good mule.

War Legend 80
Last testament of warrior Lasui: no items to millers all items to murderer of millers.

War Legend 81
Commander orders to prevent a march on Bravemule. No retreat.

War Legend 82
Last testament of warrior Voxe: no items to Ravot all items to Onkri the better child.

War Legend 83
Militia charges. A bear is struck down with infant teeth. Warrior Ridor is struck down with a sword. Commander is struck down with a hammer. Warrior Fint is