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by Star Guarded

Part 47: - Timber


1st Timber 1054
Bootlicker Rall decreed I collect seed for winter. I will collect seed due to desire not due to a decree from a puppet who does not understand his presence inspires contempt for the hideous dwarves responsible for his unscrupulous birth.

2nd Timber 1054
Burrow is overgrown with plants. I collected ten sweet pod seed from delicate containers. A precise action in an opportune moment is required to release the seed. A hurried hand and nothing is obtained.

3rd Timber 1054
There have been no announcements on the militia since departure. I remember old times where the death of a brother would be witnessed and mourned in the bedlam of combat not heard of from an unscrupulous servant.

5th Timber 1054
I noticed leader inspect the octogone. It inspired surprise leader did not have his pet clod inspect for him. Rall is advisor to have distance between leader and our miseries.

6th Timber 1054
Ale is gone due to no dwarf capable of brew. The foulest death upon the elf thief responsible for murder. I miss tales of Comnith Ad Comnith.

7th Timber 1054
More sweet pod. I remember old times where Matul Remrit moved on seasons to new land with plants that inspired surprise and a dreg would feel murder due to plants with unknown poison. A chortle would be had over the corpse.

8th Timber 1054
The militia is dead.

10th Timber 1054
Bravemule is in uproar due to no method to obtain the bodies of Skirn and Sorc for burial. The corpses of legends rot in a red field while dregs have thirst and war elves mock us with ruffles.

11th Timber 1054
Groveler Rall announced the sheriff formed a guard to maintain order.

12th Timber 1054
Cowards. While the militia felt massacre Gheim snoozed in bed and Japa coddled a broken toe. Dwarves worthy to scrub a floor not dwarves worthy to wield a sword.

13th Timber 1054
It is an insult to Matul Remrit that leader named these Dreadlion nobles dreg upon arrival in 1053. He fears reprisal. A dreg does not fear.

16th Timber 1054
The sheriff hauled Mar to the prisoner room for an axe strike upon Perat. It inspired anger. A dreg should not receive justice for releasing frustration upon a former clod.

21st Timber 1054
Dwarves hide in locked rooms with entrance forbidden due to bedlam. More cowards unworthy the name dreg. I remember old times where a dreg would topple in haste to know a brawl and collect wounds as rewards.

24th Timber 1054
Kalu was hauled to the prisoner room for a clobber upon Reast. Animals. Former clods do not understand loyalty to brothers.

27th Timber 1054
I will not watch. A precise action in an opportune moment is required to release the animal clod. The false guard under the traitor sheriff will be overwhelmed with bedlam and Matul Remrit will crumble.