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by Star Guarded

Part 51: - Obsidian


1st Obsidian 1054
Sheriff needs to restore order to Bravemule. I can not demonstrate discipline to students while dwarves scream and dash down halls in bedlam. There are no reasons to be hysterical.

3rd Obsidian 1054
Instructed elf steed on method to restrain whinnies near dwarves to prevent terror. Difficult to hide own fear around student. Elf steeds smell fear with unfathomable nose holes.

5th Obsidian 1054
It is miserable to work without ale. Kesti needs to brew with more haste.

6th Obsidian 1054
The student is trained. It was once an elf steed. It is now a war steed. I shed a proud tear in front of its monstrous face. I blubbered in private. Oh how I blubbered!

12th Obsidian 1054
Exi left to breach the octogone on orders from leader. I do not know orders but Boots will protect him.

13th Obsidian 1054
Astun punched my head. Sheriff arrived and beat Astun with a crossbow. I rose up from bed and left for work.

15th Obsidian 1054
Militia room stairs were fortified with iron hatches. I will compliment Clure on the fortitude contained in the iron hatches.

16th Obsidian 1054
Instructed cow on method to ram with head. It learned at once. Behold the war cow! I am covered with proud snot.

17th Obsidian 1054
Mendo murdered Gheim and sheriff murdered Mendo. I can not teach students with all this loud murder.

20th Obsidian 1054
A severed dwarf foot has sat in the food hall for three sunrises. The food hall is full with miasma. I consumed mole biscuits and bucket water.

21st Obsidian 1054
I have trained the students for war.

22nd Obsidian 1054
I could not find Sorc. I assigned the war cow to protect Kou. I restrained proud blubber while the war cow left.

25th Obsidian 1054
Leader lowered the drawbridge. I suspect it is a polite gesture for war elves to not need to walk on frozen water holes to siege us. There are no reasons to be rude.

26th Obsidian 1054
I assigned the war steed to protect Logna. I hope friendship will occur.

27th Obsidian 1054
Leader ordered to follow into the fortified militia room. I am near Behem and Rall and Ravot and others. There are no weapons in the weapon racks. I do not understand. There are no reasons to be here.

28th Obsidian 1054
The war elves march. Matul Remrit waits.