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Dwarf Fortress - Matul Remrit

by Star Guarded

Part 54: - Finale III


11th Obsidian 1054
Elf spit! No gratitude for my commitment to a fatal task. Leader denies the coveted request of a master miner and arthaver and a handsome dwarf further. I refuse to breach the underworld without Boots.

12th Obsidian 1054
I hollowed a staircase in the octogone. Leader allowed Boots. I told her to not hunt for vermin near the skeleton pit.

13th Obsidian 1054
I am struck with fond recollections before the end. I remember the child I was and the arthavers I hailed in the mountainhome. It was engraved images from disciplined hands that endured on warm walls.

14th Obsidian 1054
Hollowed around the deep caverns to avoid cave elves. A trail of broken mudstone is behind and above. I do not know how deep the tunnel to the underworld must become or the name I will give for the tunnel.

15th Obsidian 1054
Oh that unscrupulous cat! It does not understand we will die.

17th Obsidian 1054
The stone becomes warm to hollow.

18th Obsidian 1054
I struck magma. It is good Behem never found this.

19th Obsidian 1054
Hollowed around the magma sea to avoid painful death. I remember how magma drowned the mountainhome before I fled and knelt. No skeletons remained.

20th Obsidian 1054
Meowe meowe meowe
Meowe meowe meowe
Meowe meowe meowe
- “Ode to Vermin” by Boots the Poemhaver

22nd Obsidian 1054
Tiresome Tunnel of Endless Hollow.

23rd Obsidian 1054
I remember when I knelt to take up sword and mail. I do not miss caravan raids. A camp that moves on the seasons allows survival. A camp that does not move allows creation.

24th Obsidian 1054
The stone becomes cold to hollow. I wonder if Behem is well.

25th Obsidian 1054
I struck strange blue stone. I have heard the sounds. Screams of a thousand animals anguished with broken bones echo from the terrifying blue walls. I engraved images of cats on them.

26th Obsidian 1054
Boots grew two heads and the second head informed that the plague consumes flesh that does not die to rot in thorned stomachs where the flesh suffers until forever. I am worried about Boots.

27th Obsidian 1054
Boots recovered. She has one head and meowes without horror. I told her to not drink the blood that pours from the walls.

28th Obsidian 1054
There is not much further to hollow. It does not matter. I engraved images of life and death upon mudstone walls. I have created the art. Matul Remrit will endure.

1st Granite 1055
I have heard the sounds and know I will not return.