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Part 8: Vox Nihili: Update 6

From the Journal of Vox Nihili, Settlement "Leader" Pro tem, Entry #14

The dwarves are restless. We have already been shut inside this place for months, and peaks through the mortar have revealed that the demons are still in place, waiting. Some seem to be suffering from severe frostbite, but I doubt that they mind, being that pain is a concept nearly as foreign to them as mercy. I realize, though, why they have come, despite the fact that our settlement is only in its second year. The trade caravan sent out word of the glorious artifact I crafted, and this single treasure is enough to attract these loathsome beasts from whatever land they came from. So ultimately, it is I who brought doom to our humble settlement. Thus, I cannot in good conscience continue my rule. I will, however, document the current progress of the fort before passing the torch.

Here we see the progress of the water toward our cistern. Clearly, a larger area under the spring must be filled with water, but as we cannot go outside this is impossible. However, at least it is moving forward:

The magma is filling up the tunnels under the to-be-dug out metalworking facility quickly. I am dismayed at how long it has taken to put this project together, but it should bloom quickly if we do not all starve to death first:

Here we see the plans for the smithing area above the former schematic:

Next, I have planned out a massive crafting sector in addition to a large area of lower-middle level worker housing. Hopefully the following rulers can complete both the housing and the crafting areas:

This final image shows the upper level of our fortress. One can see our successful mining projects in the north as well as planned noble/administrative office and housing space in the south:

Though offices have yet to be set up, I made preliminary assignments to the offices of manager and treasurer to Skullbuggy and Murder Mystery, respectively. Both will be expected to fulfill their current jobs and their administrative work in the future. The office of sheriff remains vacant, and no jail has been set up. If we would fight amongst ourselves, I doubt we would have even the slimmest hope against the fiends that hold us hostage in our settlement.

Here is our final summary, which includes extremely rough estimates. I have no idea how the figure of 67,000 was reached for imports, but everything else looks about correct:

Good luck to whomever takes up this mighty task that I leave to them! One final piece of advice: Keep cooking our useless seeds! It might keep us alive just long enough...

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