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Part 102: Sirocco: Update 36

Sirocco's Year: Part Thirty-Six

'You have got to be fucking kidding me,' tehsid said as we walked along the golden road towards the gatehouse. 'I mean, they attacked us just a few months ago and didn't even make it to the top of the ramp. What the hell's with these guys?'

'I think whatever was holding them back is gone now,' I mused. 'We can probably expect a lot more battle in the future.'

'And how can you be so sure?' asked tehsid, one eyebrow raised.

'A little bird told me,' I said, grinning. The unearthly, skin-crawling screams of the Spawn were beginning to almost sound homely.

'You all know what to do, lads,' tehsid said to the assembled soldiers. 'Let's bring 'em hell.'

We didn't even bother trying to stop Firos when she made a beeline for the main bridge. We knew she could handle herself.

We waited, patiently.

'Once this is all over, do you think you'll go for another year as overseer?' tehsid suddenly asked. 'Twelve months ago I wouldn't have stood for it but now...' he looked around at the other dwarves. 'I don't honestly believe anyone would object.'

For a moment, I didn't say anything. 'No,' I said finally. 'No, I think I've done enough for Syrupleaf. Once the spring rolls in I'm going to resign. I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Sirocco.'


'Sorry... don't know what came over me there.'

tehsid shrugged. 'Fair enough.' He peeked between the north bridge and the wall. 'Hoo boy, here they come.'

'There goes Firos,' added Pumpinglemma.

'If I've said it once, I've said it a million times,' said Male Man. 'That woman's got balls of adamantine.'

Everyone nodded and murmured assent. Well except me, I don't think I got the joke so I just said 'yeah'.

'Where is she now?'

'Dunno, can't see, too many Spawn in the way- WOAH, did you guys see that? That one must have been sent twenty feet in the air!'

We watched as Holistic Spawn were sent hurtling this way and that. At one point Firos grabbed a Spawn by the leg and whirled it round like a shot-putt into another one mid-arc. We all clapped politely and Male Man made a few cat-calls.

'Bloody show-off,' muttered Alius darkly.

'Wow, they've really hemmed her in there,' said Oni Elem peering over tehsid's head. 'Do you think she's OK?'

'I... I'm not sure...'

Unfortunately Firos had bitten off a little more than she could chew this time. A well aimed claw had gouged out her throat and removed her right eye. Or so we surmised when we collected her corpse later... there wasn't much of it left.

There was a brief silence before Male Man spoke.

'They... killed her! Those undead bastards!'

Syntax! calmed him down. 'I think she wanted to die. Deep inside. She's lost two children and her last one is half blind and probably half mad from all the things it's half seen.'

'I suppose you're right,' he sighed.


'Shut up, Sirocco.'


'Don't worry, Male Man,' tehsid said slapping the dwarf on the back. They'll be coming over that bridge any moment now.' He winked. 'Then it's clobbering time.'