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Part 104: Sirocco: Update 38

Sirocco's Year: Part Thirty-Eight

'Uh... are they allowed to do that?' I asked.

'Get all the masons and order them to block access tunnel 2FB!' tehsid screeched at the furnace operator.


'GO! NOW!'

IMLemon scurried back into the fortress.

'What do you think we should do?' I asked.

'I'm thinking, I'm thinking!' tehsid said, running his fingers through his hair as he concentrated. Suddenly IMLemon ran back and whispered something in tehsid's ear. A smile slowly widened on the soldier's face.

'Show me,' he said. 'I want to see this.'

Male Man looked at me and I shrugged. Then we followed tehsid and IMLemon into the fortress.

'Looks like they're not completely magma proof,' tehsid said, with dark mirth. 'Look! They can't get more than fifteen paces without bursting into flames!'

'Are you saying I've built a magma trap... accidentally?' I asked, aghast.

'That you have,' tehsid said, slapping me on the back. 'That you have.'

'This is for Firos!' said Male Man with a whoop, punching the air in victory. 'So what now? Do we just... sit and watch?'

'Sounds good to me,' said tehsid with grim satisfaction. 'Hey, Lemon, get us some chairs and beer would ya? Oh! Some Cave Wheat Seeds too. I'm going to enjoy this.'

And in and in they came... until there were only three left, dithering about on the mountainside, unsure whether to go to the tunnel or to attack the gatehouse. In the end we made the decision for them. tehsid rallied his own personal squad together and we charged the stragglers leaving Oni Elem to look after the fortress.

We slaughtered them easily, I killed two and That Guy Bob felled the last. We had won.

When the smoke cleared from the magma tunnel there was nothing left... not even the bones. They had been completely incinerated.

All is well.