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Part 106: Globofglob: Prologue

Journal of 'Globofglob' Nosimineth, Royal Guard, 1st Granite, 146, Early Spring.

I have been forced to keep a journal, as all overseers do to document the history of the fortress during their rule.

To begin with, I had become the overseer of the fortress. Apparently, Sirocco's departure from the position wasn't exactly appreciated by Queen Sankis. Given that he was the only overseer that would consider them with anything but mild disgust, it's quite a reasonable action. I was a while away, so my transcript of the events might be rather flawed, but I'm positive it was something like this:

"What are you thinking, promoting Kaninrail to be the next overseer!?" Queen Sankis bellowed.

"Well, she's been here for awhile, and she seems respon-"

"Responsible? She'd have us out on the floor, Sirocco! I ABSOLUTELY refuse to let a redical like her take charge!"

"She would drive this fortress into the ground!" said Baroness Accursed.

"Well, how about Neremworld? She's been here awhile, and-"

"Neremworld! Sirocco, that peasant is two seconds away from a nervous breakdown. And she hasn't even seen a spawn yet!"

About here, a new voice came in. I don't have much experience with the elected officials, so I was unable to tell who it was by voice. It's most probably either Bobthethurd or Skullbuggy, judging by the conversation.

"Queen Sankis, who would you suggest take on this responsibility then? Would one of your Royal guard be suitable?"

"That is acceptable. I don't care which one you choose, but try and make sure they don't end up dead by the end of the year. I would absolutely hate to have this conversation again."

At about this time the yelling stopped. A few hours later, an order was given for all the Royal Guard to assemble in the barracks.

A little later, we were all assembled in front of Sirocco. I was a little nervous, I have to admit. Then one of the most surreal experiences of my life occured. I live in Syrupleaf, I've even seen a spawn once or twice by peeking through cracks in the doors. But nothing could have prepared me for this.

Sirocco determined the new Overseer by playing Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

"Congradulations Globofglob!" Sirocco practically screamed. He began walking foward with his arms held wide.

I tried to flee, but my legs wouldn't move. When I finally could move, it was too late.

"I'm sure you'll be the best overseer ever!" He screamed, right in my ear, as he hugged me.


And that, diary, is both how I became overseer and how I broke my left arm. I can't allow myself time to rest though. I have to inspect this sprawling mess of a fort. I have to admit, I even though I've been here for years, I haven't ventured beyond the same two or three floors.

Chance II wrote :-


Drakanel still whispers secrets, rasping sounds like winds in a cavern. Must be an effect of Silento's Essence experiments. Vile influences keep her from rest. Haven't seen the dwarf since he instructed me to exhume her body for study.

Drakanel warns me of the coming darken freeze. If we aren't prepared all will be lost. A true dwarf to fight these monsters even in death. I must learn more of these creatures. Who or what drives them? Many of their number lie dead on the slopes beyond the gates and their charnal stench fouls the air venting from the magma pipes. Plenty of corpses for me to pick over.

Consulting "Harad's Five Curses" and "Thorgrim's Iron Runes of Binding" I have bound a mummified skull of one the Spawn Champions within a small cupboard, warded with runes and divine invocations set in gold and silver. If the same Essence that binds Drakanel's soul to this plane persists in these Spawn, then I should be able to achieve a similar effect with this "whisper box."

64bitrobot wrote :-


From the Log of 64bitrobot, Captain of the Guard

I remembered again. The spawn, the spawn overwhelming us.

Just like when I was an overseer. But it was clearer this time...and I remember other things.

When I was overseer, the spawn attacked. I had a wall built. We burrowed inside for months...but I remember, right before, or maybe during our time, I remember a dream that we hadn't completed the wall. Or that we had, and it was destroyed from inside. I don't remember, that dream is so long ago.

And having no other options, we fought, and we lost. The entirely military, destroyed in a matter of minutes. And the rest of the fortress was soon to follow.

But that was just a dream, in reality, we'd finished that wall, and were safe and sound.

But this past year...I swear it feels like two...and I dremnt of so many things which didn't happen. Icedrake, the mother of two, was killed, but wasn't. And the spawn, they invaded twice, yet only once...I wonder about my mental stability, but I dare tell no one.

...Well, at least I'm still alive.