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Part 107: Globofglob: Update 1

2nd Granite, 146, Early Spring.

I've completed a survey of the grounds. So far, I've noted nothing truly out of the ordinary. The lower levels are mostly unused and unexplored, save for a few isolated mining passages. As I write this, I walk toward the top of the adamantine vein.

Truth be told, Syrupleaf is the strangest fort I've been too. I've noticed the steady mental decline in many of our occupants throughout the years. It's everywhere, really. It started as mere unrest and complaints. We're in the middle of a barren wasteland, with the Spawn, giants, and sand raiders attacking every few seasons or so. A little unrest is to be expected.

To tell the truth, I am not down here in the adamantium veins without cause. I've noticed that the decline in previous overseers is much more pronounced than in the average dwarf. Jazzimus has daily seizures and won't stop screaming about voices, Eiba quit halfway through, and even Sirocco seems to have come out of this job a little less...animated than usual.

Even more unusual, none of them had kept the job for more than a year. Overseers usually do everything in their power to hold onto the position, but in Syrupleaf, they all not only lead for such short terms, they also gave up the job willingly.

And I have cause to believe that the adamantium might have a part in it. Jazzimus first started going insane after adamantium was struck. Adamantium had a part in making Holistic Detective the demon she was. No more adamantium is to be mined. No adamantium is to be made into wafers.

Adamantium, if not the cause of our problems, seems to be the best place to start.