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Part 108: Globofglob: Update 2

2nd Granite, 146, Early Spring.

I've made my way down to the Adamantium vein, and all seems well. i'M A BIT DIZZY, but that's probaBLY the air. It's pretty bad down here, noone's bothered to dig proper ventilation shafts. I wonder why the miNEr's haven't complained.

I haVen't hEard voices, so thAt's a good sign, aT least. The adamanTIum vein is laid out in a StrANGE pattern, and there seEms to be an aREa sMoothed out dowN here fOr nO ConceiVABle purpose, but Other than thAt notHing out of thE ordInary.

IT's cold doWn here. Too coLd Considering proximity to Lava flow.It SEems the QuALity of My HaNdwrITing is sufFERing. I mY ArM iS maKing IT diffIclt to hold the tabLEt. I ShOUd proBABly HeaD Back up.

I don't know what got over me up there. I feel fine now. And guess what! My arm is healed!

I don't know what happened. I just fell asleep on the adamantium, and when I woke up my arm was healed! THere's no WAY this stuff could be bad if it heals arms. Mayby it can heal the rest of the military too! Either way, Mining must resume Immediately.

Bobbin Threadbare wrote :-

Anxiety ruled my mind the day of the siege. Would Sirocco hand over the device? Would we all die as Boborachi intended? I could not know, as I was confined to my jeweler's workshop, as per usual, without even my pick now to pose as a weapon. But, as you who read my work must know already, as the simple fact of my writings proves the result, the invasion ended with the Spawn's destruction, and indeed, no word of the TRM or even of Mr. Boborachi himself was heard for several months. Sirocco had proven a surprising competence once again. Alas, that such a feeling of elation did not continue.

When winter came, another pack of Them attacked, though most quickly died when they attempted to cross the magma flume which powered our forges. Sirocco, though an understanding soul even in the face of Queen Sankis and her demands, soon stepped down from his position, allowing another in the newly appointed Guard to take his place. And although many spoke of Boborachi's apparent death, yet there were whispers in the dark corners of the caverns of his resurrection.

As much as I loathed the the shadowed halls of Parasol, it seemed as though I would need to search there once again.

Robindaybird wrote :-

From the journal of one Robindaybird, annoyed dorf:

Arrgh! My Spine! I'd murderize that bloody rat that tripped me up! Now I can't even fight. Least someone's been comin' around with the booze or else I'd be fumin' in my bed like a War Mole who got her pups yoinked from her.

Got to be something to do - reading Looneyboy's wall journals startin' to get dull, and if Fluteboy comes around with one more instrument to show off, I'd ram it up his tuba!

Bah, least it's spine and my bloody lungs. I'm gettin' up and rearin' to fight before long, even if I had to get Cadaver-Gadgetboy to make me an adamantium spine to do so!

I'm a needin' to prove myself and this ain't helpin'. And if I don't get up, I might go daffy - I'm already seein' someone sneakin' around at the corner of my eyes...