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Part 109: Globofglob: Update 3

The first thing I did upon my arrival to the main fort was to announce the good news. I've already drawn up plans for the miners:

As you can see, It's a practical design that will extract the maximum possible amount of adamantine from the area while ignoring all lesser materials. It also cuts a hole right through that weird flower design.

I've also taken the matter of defense into account. The lack of siege engines when I first arrived angered me, as I was forced into a position as a lowly hauler. To insure that will never happen again if I was inexplicably expelled from the guard, I have begun defense plans :

I've begun with digging channels and removing ramps. My plan is to have these areas eventually walled off, and lined with ballistas. Ballistas will be placed around the edges of the cliffs. Everyone always cries and drinks and makes a big fuss whenever one of our champions dies. Now they'll all be safe! As long as they don't leave the gatehouse, that is.

Also noticed is that all of the farmers are out of work, and all the fields have been left to lie fallow. Also, the fields are incredibly small. Syrupleaf has very little farmable land, and the amount that can be farmed should be expanded. So given orders to expand the irrigation system:

I wonder what adamantine would do for the plants grown on it.

The Countess Accursed demands zinc items, and Eiba is demanding a ballista arrow. Easily done. But this asshole:

Apparentely hasn't noticed we live in a FUCKING GLACIER.

Also, to solve the recent unemployment problems, I've ordered the construction of a watchtower:

I don't really know what I'll do with it yet, to be honest. I'll think of something.