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Part 111: Globofglob: Update 5

9th Granite, 146, Early Sprin

An elven caravan has arrived!

I order some of the thousands of stone crafts we have to be brung to the depot. Sadly, this will conflict with the building of my tower, but we all need to make sac-

Oh. That's convienient.

Also, as the new overseer, I think I deserve some decent armor. So I got a masterwork steel greaves and an exceptional plate cuirass. I'd decorate them, but that would take too much time.

The traders made it to the depot without any incidents.

Too FUCKING bad the lousy bastards didn't bring anything worthwhile to trade! If I had the ballistas up by now...

So I bought what little wine and food they had, as well as their spare barrels. Gave them a bunch of these crafts littering the ground. We have way too many of them in my opinion. Seriously, I gave away a shitton for free just so I wouldn't trip over any of the damn things.

14th Granite, 146, Early Spring

Also, I've begun clearing the fields-to be. I've also designated the staircase that will be used for the further mining of adamantine, as well as an area to be an all-adamantine stockpile.