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Part 119: Globofglob: Update 12

Felsite 10, 146, Late Spring

More migrants! Always need more workers. I had them sign their names at a stone tablet near the front door. Helps keep track of things.

New Arrivals:

Rabbitmonger- Animal Caretaker
Sebzilla- Glassmaker
Revenant Threshold- Wrestler
HiFiHero- Hunter
Vanguard Warden- Hunter
mercenarynuker- Dyer
Kitan- Wrestler
nielsm- Peasant
Crackmaster- Animal Dissector
bomb- Weaver
Suzumiya Haruhi-tan- Lye Maker
Vander- Peasant
frajaq- Blacksmith
Spookylizard- Woodworker
Clevername- Mechanic
Kid_Awesome- Metalcrafter
rodbeard- Peasant
PirateDentist- Butcher
Skanky Burns- Peasant

Around 19 or so new guys. Pretty big wave.

12th Felsite, 146, Late Spring

Congradulations to Hellioning, our newest champion!

In other news, my rooms are complete.


Chance II is to be considered a major threat to the fortress well-being. It seems he has converted spawn bodies into a kind of mechanical dwarf, essentially making his own spawn! The fool actually tried to get me to put these monstrosities in charge of adamantium mining, of all things! I turned him down, of course. Though I could most probably have Silento fabricate a charge and get him thrown into prison, I have been unablet o get a hold of him lately. So, I've decided. I shall build my own, private prison. And Chance will be it's first occupant.

In slightly lighter news, the idols have been working just as intended. Their owners all seem to have bonded with their idols. TowerofOil and Perfect Potato never even let theirs out of their sight! Soon, they won't even be able to.

The Meliv situation is under control. Ever since the idol was planted, her nightmares have gotten worse. She's almost as bad as Jazzimus was!

Yes, I said was. Jazzimus seems to have experienced the positive effects of the idol as well. No more nightmares, less babbling about voices, and less argumentative about the whole adamantium issue, as well! It seems he's finally accepted the healing qualities of adimantium.

HardHead wrote :-

A few dozen pages late.

rabbitmonger wrote :-

Globofglob posted:

Rabbitmonger- Animal Caretaker

Hahahaha, awesome

Val Helmethead wrote :-

Journal of Val Helmethead

Finally, something to vent my frustrations on! I admit, I hadn't quite known what to think when the call went out to join the "New Guard" but I assumed it had to be better than being the worst crafter in the entire fortress. Beard of HD! I've never seen such crafting in all my days, and I'm not allowed to touch any of the good materials. "You'll produce stuff we'll have to give to the elves, Val" they said. Sober bastards! You can't just let have me come here, with the Queen no less, and then toss me aside like some sort of vermin corpse.

So yeah, I joined the "New Guard", and already I've got fun things to do! Keeping an eye on that backstabbing she-elf whore Meliv for one, but also I got to drag Perfect Potato down to Globofglob's new hospital. "Oh boo hoo, I need my own bed!" If you're not fit to work, you get moved to where we need you, if you ask me! And that's what Globofglob did, after all.

I've been killing time with Smuggins lately. Did you know she used to be a brewer? A fine profession, but apparently we have too many here. Best to have people serving where they're most useful, isn't it? Can't think of more to write for now.

Kgummy wrote :-

Well, I finally got ideas as to my narrative...
"Mister Silento! Mister Silento!" It took awhile but I finally found him.
"Boy you sure are one tough dwarf to find! Where have you been?"
"I can be. Let's just say I've been in a better place."
"You mean like my daddy?"
"I suppose you could say that. Is there a reason you wanted to talk to me?"
"I've been trying to give you this tablet from Mist- I mean Globofglob."
"Well, let's just have a look at that, now shall we?"
He frowned. Uh oh! He might not let me and mommy have the toys!
"That fool! Does he not understand the forces he's messing with?"
"D-does that mean me and mommy don't get the toys?"
"What? Oh no, I'll let you have something much, much better than that." He smirked. "But you have to promise that you won't tell anyone, not even Mr. Globofglob, about it, okay?"
"Alright, now, you may have seen some of these," he said, showing me one of those Parasol token thingys. "I want you to collect some of these, and bring them to me. I'll give you something to hold them in, and tell you which ones I want. You must not tell anyone you're bringing them to me." He hands me a spherical device, with crevices in the shape of the Parasol tokens. "Now, certain ones will start to give off a glow when they come close to this device, and those are the ones I want. Put one of them in each of these spots, and when it's full, that's when you give it to me."
"Is that it?"
"Oh no, I'll let you and your mom each have a special version of that totem Mr. Globofglob showed you. Now, it's especially important that he does not know you or your mom have them. I want you to hide them under your beds."
"That'll be easy!"
"Now, there's one more thing. I want you to give this tablet and this trinket to Mr. Globofglob, understand?"
"Yes Mr. Silento."
"Now, if you do all of these things, I'll be able to let you and your mom see your daddy again."
"R-really? You mean it?"
"And don't tell your mom yet, let it be a surprise."
"Thank you Mr. Silento! I'll get right on it!"
I'll be able to so daddy again!

Kgummy wrote :-

Between sneaking around trying to find the glowing parasol tokens, and freaking out Milav, the dwarvern child had little spare time. But hey, that's the way he liked it. It kept him away from the groups. Although it did seem to upset his mother, which concerned him a little. But it would be worth it. Getting to see his father again.

The idols had an interesting effect, he noticed. At least in himself. His thoughts became clearer, more... developed. Let him focus more. But he still couldn't find the glowing tokens, even with that spherical device.

That is, until he ran into a strange dwarf. He seemed to think he was a mole dog, and had a 'V' marked on his forehead. He seemed to walk on all fours usually, but other than that, he seemed like a nice dwarf to Kgummy. But what intrigued him the most was the fact that a few of the glowing Parasol tokens had stuck themselves onto the dwarf.

Carefully prying them off, Kgummy placed them on the device. It ended up being only three, but it was a start.

"Where'd you find these, fella?" Kgummy asked. The dwarvern robot only squeaked in response. "Can you find more?" Again, only squeaks in response.

Figuring that this was the best way to find more of the glowing tokens, Kgummy climbed onto the 'mole dog's back. It was a tad uncomfortable, with all the machinery, but eventually Kgummy settled in. And the dwarf Kgummy only knew as 'V' moved forward.
In any case, I find the image of my dwarf riding what basically looks like another dwarf hilarious. Hopefully it helps you out, Dirt5

Perfect Potato wrote :-

Haha! I can walk again, at last! Me innards still feel unsettled but I be surmising that I'll be in tip top form in a matter of days. I don't know what that horse's arse did to me, but I can't complain!

Walking down a hallway, Potato begins to think on other matters

Still the matter of that fool getting himself cleaved in two in front of so many though. I know Sirocco is nothing to be concerned with, but Meliv's another issue. Can't have every dwarf with a boo-boo finding out about this if I'm to maintain any sort of advantage! The commotion such a discovery would stir up would be too much for this old fortress to bear. And then, the adamantium, all that shiny wealth would be lost! "No, Meliv will have to be taken care of." Can only hope that hopeless glob is already aware of this, else I may need to take matters into me own hands!

Taking a glance at her hands at this moment, she begins to notice an unnatural shakiness to them but she continues with her thoughts instead of pursuing the matter

"But wasn't there another?" I can only recall 3 at the scene besides the mangled body, yet I be sure there were at least 4 dwarves loitering around and picking their noses when it happened...strange that. Perhaps there be ghosts in our pleasant little slice of dwarven paradise! Ho ho ho ho ho! Dare say it wouldn't surprise me at this point, worse has been seen in this blasted frozen garbage heap!

At this moment her right hand ceases its irritable shakiness and seemingly grows a mind of its own. It begins to reach out in every which direction, until Potato, almost instinctively, reaches for the idol in her carried possessions with her left hand. Touching it to her right inadvertently causes the spastic movement to stop and both hands calm completely

"Wh-what!? This can't be right! Me own hands can't very well move on their bleeding own! That miserable glob! I knew that Spawn licker couldn't handle the procedure!" The next thing I'm going to do is find that bastard, stick this stupid statue up his arse, and demand that Silentio perform the operation on me personally!

Letting go of the idol with her right hand, the hand once again starts to slowly shake without her involvement

"W-w-well, maybe I'll just hold on to this little thing for a while longer still." then, need to keep meself busy and do the usual duties! Think "I'll go find a dwarf n tear him apart and put em back together again." Er...uh...wait what was I just thinking? Ermmm.......bah! I'll just see if the new prison needs any guarding, I think the overloser threw someone in recently. More of his hair-brained scheming no doubt, cooking up unbelievable stories that no one would believe to silence his enemies. Well, he won't be doin any of that funny business to me, the fucking toad! .......Huh? Oh! Right, right, prison. "You'll be coming with me won't you, you beautiful adamantium goddess..."

Perfect Potato leaves the hallway filled with unremarkable faces, paying them and the fact that she is struggling to keep some of her thoughts her own no mind or attention, and moves forward into the danker pits of the fortress