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Part 12: Royal W: Update 4


We started the Fall well enough, the siege was over, and things were returning to normal. We had even ben blessed with a new life and some inspiration!

Alas, the good times were not to last...

Another siege! This time the spawn have returned with a full 20 troops, including two elite wrestlers. It seems as though my predecessor had a good idea in sealing to fort. after much deliberation, I decide we are not yet ready for this threat and follow in Vox's footsteps.

I had no choice but to use some of our precious wood. The beasts were bearing down on us faster than I had seen a creature move!

They seem to be able to hear us through the mountain... Waiting for our picks to strike through. anything we can do to let them in...

Even through the siege, life goes on almost as normal. I've spent the autumn training myself and the Paints, and we are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with!

We've also managed to finish some of our accommodations and we've finished the farms! We just need to tap our canal to dampen the earth and we will be fully sistainable!

So closes the Autumn of 140 in Syrupleaf. I pray the siege will pass soon before any traders or, Armok forbid, migrants arrive to face the horrors of this frozen waste.