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Part 124: Globofglob: Update 17

Why does noone in this damn fort realize that we have no fucking sand, and therefore we cannot make glass!?

Whatever, anyway, on the subject of my rooms-

Dammit, Another ambush!? And this one has two elite bowmen. Well, there goes all possibility of trading with the humans. Even if they do stay, by the time we finish with these raiders they'll have to leave.

Another just arrived. This time, they're all axemen. I somehow doubt we're making it through this unscathed.

Oni Elem attacks the nearest axe lord, and deals a good blow to his lower body. However, he was hit in the spine with an arrow right after. Alius fires at the axe lord, and peirces the axe lord's upper body and left upper arm. While he distracted the axe lord, Meliv came up from behind and... Holy Shit!

I counted after the battle. She knocked that guy around 360 feet north, 340 feet west, and down two stories. Damn.
(10 feet=1 square)

Between the champions and the surviving humans, I can't make out who's killing who. Axemen are being knocked off the bridge left and right!

Oni Elem chases after one of the elite bowmen. One of it's arrows managed to knock him down a cliff. Amazingly, he's stunned and nausous, but otherwise fine.

Meliv catches him next. Words cannot describe the horrors that psychopath is inflicting upon the bowman.

She finishes up quickly though, leaving only a bloody smear behind.

This display of brutality sent the rest of their friends running. And Syrupleaf triumphs again, with few injuries.


Malachite, Mid-summer

Well, I'm pretty sure I won't have to deal with more ambushes. Amazingly, the caravan hasn't left yet.

They had a lot of meat and beer, but very little besides that. I gave them a few trinkets and one of the adamantine mechanisms. The waste bothers me, but hopefully it'll get the caravans coming again. This one was just pitiful.

For next year, I ordered mostly meat, beer, and livestock. Not much else these guys have besides that. Have to wait until the dwarven caravan comes to get anything good.

Champion mofeta has also had a child:

May baby Ur getting fatter grow up before our next siege, lest he perish as a shield.

I also finally finished the irrigation system for the fields! Time to finally start it up. Unfortunately, I have to wait for the water to trickle down through the tunnels, so it'll be awhile yet before I can start farming.

To end the date on a good note diary, my rooms are smoothed, and are being engraved. I've also gotten about roughly half the furniture installed, all made of adamantium, of course. I can't actually claim the rooms yet, since I've not yet become skilled enough to be free of this damned economy, but I'm getting close:

Bobbin Threadbare wrote :-

Surprisingly, I did not end up seeing my worries regarding my actions in Mr. Chance's come to dispair. Though doubtlessly unruly and without much in the way of dwarven courtesy, "V," as I would come to call him, did little but dig through designated areas and drink an impressive quantity of liquor. Indeed, many of the miners were quite fond of the hideous thing, as it saved them significant labor. There was some concern when a child wound up hanging off of its back while it was in the middle of an ale run, but the young dwarf ended its adventure no worse for the wear.

One last dwarf would join before my "conspiracy," if such a word could be used in this context, was essentially complete. Though an animal trainer by profession, Geri Khan had been relegated to the unenviable job of hauler. It seems that she had fallen for a false hope when she came to SyrupLeaf, and her story of unappreciated effort struck a chord with my own history. However, with such an inconspicuous occupation, she had focused her talents for empathy and observation towards overhearing the other dwarves she passed by, and had independantly stumbled upon both the Parasol conspiracy as well as my own. She also explained to me that, having run out of room in their own quarters, many of my fellow dwarves had taken to engraving public spaces with their private thoughts, a fact which I had missed, being preoccupied with my own concerns. "I have constructed a massive list," she explained, "Which I believe to be complete, at least with regards to some of the dwarves." And what tales they told, dear reader! I only wish this work were comprehensive enough to include them all. She also explained the purpose of a certain exotic manufacture, one involving flattened wood pulp and staining fluid, which would ensure my own secrecy if I were overcome with the urge to write for myself. An urge you can most certainly attest to, dear reader.