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Part 128: Globofglob: Update 21

I keep the two more experienced squads down in the deeps, to take care of the Greater Spawn. The New Guard is to be stationed on the bridge, ready to stand against the assault from above.

I order Oni Elems squad to the deepest part of the pit, to try and discover where these monsters came from. Meanwhile, I order the miners to expand the pits, and pave over exposed ground.

I order the entrance to the fortress walled up, with my New Guard outside. If they cannot fend off an attack headed by wrestlers, then they don't deserve their lives or their positions. Of course, I am also with them, to lead the against the spawn. We have two champions, a master(me), and several mid-level hammer and axe dwarves.

Sadly, Oni Elem lost his left leg when the last surviving greater spawn went into a martial trance.Robindaybird and Kitan got away with slightly bruised spines, and Sirocco with a heavily bruised hip. They should be alright, but the loss of another champion makes me fear for the fort's safety.

Sirocco managed to kill four of the eight or so greater spawn.

and Tehsid, that wretched kill-stealing coward, killed the last four. I always wondered how he became the fortress' most prized champion. Through cowardice and greed, apparently.

No way out for the new guard now. They fight, or they die.

Sorry this one's so short, think of it as a teaser/afterbattle report. You're stuck out there, Spermy Smurf, and you're the most experienced of us. So don't worry, you'll get kills.

Chance II wrote :-

Okay here is my rendition of the Greater Spawn as described by their creator, Vox Nihili. Like I said, I think I took the thick clay-like flesh description a little far and crossed over into golem territory. At least the giant toothed vagina face should please everyone.

Porkness wrote :-

I'm going to regret this

HardHead wrote :-

Ghost of Starman posted:

that mountain goat was really scary!

I'm holding you personally responsible for this abomination.

This is a shoddy quality sketch of a mountain goat and dwarves. The mountain goat is striking a menacing pose . the dwarfs are cringing.

Vox Nihili wrote :-


Also, what is the physical difference between a Spawn and Greater?

The Greater Spawn are easily twice the size of a normal Spawn, with finely developed claw hands that have finished their growth and regained the ability to grasp and carry items. They appear less like a horrible mangled dwarf and more like a terrible fiend shaped roughly out of clay or some such material, head fused with body, gaping mouth opening from near the top of their body to nearly a third of the way down their bulk, easily capable of fitting an entire dwarf inside. Their skin is chitinous and remarkably thick, their muscles monstrously well-developed and massive. They are faster than any dwarf, and capable of biting a well-armored humanoid cleanly in half. Civilians really gain nothing in attempting to fight them, and only seasoned veterans are even capable of puncturing their hide.

It is likely that there is some pact with a new demonic force at play in their development, as their incredible agility and finesse clearly transcend what should be biologically capable for a creature of their bulk. Perhaps some of the Hollistic's Spawn have found a greater source of nourishment than even their terrible matron could provide, and have gorged themselves upon it.