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Part 129: Globofglob: Update 22

Continuation of the siege, Limestone 14th

"Hey, where's Perfect Potato?" I asked. We're going to be waiting for awhile, so I decided to figure out what to do with that pit that was just excavated. If I can get anyone to go down there, I'm going to make it a multi-floor market. So far we only have one shop in Syrupleaf, and I'm honestly not sure if it's built yet.

"She went to get a drink of water."

"She WHAT?"

There are no words. I start running, but I fear I'll be too late.

Potato knocks off the left arm and right leg of the first wrestler to come near, then follows it up with a blow to the body of another coming from the side. SHe finishes both before spinning and smashing the skull of a third. Another charges at her, but she deflects their swing with her shield before knocking the spawn's arm a few meters back. She uses the momentum to spin around, duck under it's next strike, and knock it back a few hundred feet or so.

However, she left her martial trance right after. Though many of the spawn around her were missing limbs, they still managed break her left thigh. Help is nearby, if she is lucky enough to survive the next few blows.

Potato seems to be running towards us now. She's closely followed, but she hasn't sustained any more injury. She knocks off a pursuer's arm before continuing towards us, before falling. A spawn gouges her left upper arm, right before TowerofOil manages to make it down the cliffside. They surround her. I fear she doesn't have much more time.

Finally, she dies. Not unexpected, really. She did manage to get six kills to her name though.

TowerofOil closes in on the remaining spawn. They are a small group, heavily injured from Potato's onslaught. Myself and Val follow behind, while Spermy Smurf waits on the bridge.

[Here, the tablet is scratched up and covered with a sticky, thick substance, the color of blood.]

Fuck yeah! That was great! Noone's wounded or anything, though Tower's a little tired. Spermy Smurf even showed up at the last minute!

Val got five kills in all, the most of anyone. She also earned a title, though it's long. I've forgotton most of it.

Me and Spermy Smurf are tied at four kills.

Tower didn't get any, and neither did Smuggins. I just noticed she wasn't with us. She probably got to get a drink or something and got locked in. Along the way back to the bridge, I noticed Tinny Turtler on the way to get Potato's weapon from her body. Seems he, Screamin Idiot, andAlius got locked up two, and he forgot his weapon in his room.


Ending it here because I can't seem to get Spermy to move his fucking squad. He just stands in the gatehouse, he won't go where I station him.