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Part 131: Globofglob: Update 24

Sandstone, 146, Mid- Autumn

Due to a combination of the appalling abundance of silk, the general cold, and our first clothing shop, I've decided to build a few more clothier workshops, as well as assign random dwarves to be clothiers. Hopefully the constant production of coats, cloaks, mittens, and other clothes will stop us from freezing to death. This cold just gets worse and worse...

Also, on his way down to the river to get a drink(I don't know why he didn't just use a well..) Spermy Smurf encountered a few stragglers who didn't quite manage to get into the lava pipe. He dispatched them all rather easily.

Also, the first level of this pit has been excavated. I blocked up the stairs, so no more demons would get through. They're easy for our champions, but even tehsid has to rest. I'll get to clearing out the lower levels when I make a second entrance.

I also added around 10 or so new shops around the fortress, and gave Queen Sankis that last adamantium statue. I have like 15 of em, I don't really need any more.

Oni Elem has also taken up residence in one of the rooms used for the New Guard. I'll let him keep it. It's the least he deserves for his efforts, and it's not like I need that room yet, anyway. I've ordered it smoothed in celebration of his heroism.

Not long now until he becomes a champion. He's been in the military for a little over a season, yet he's already an axe lord.

On the 17th, some migrants arrived.

T800- Jeweler
Munin- Clothier
Maelin- Armorer
Rotinaj- Potash maker
Spacejung- Peasant
Dystopian Rhetoric- Gem Setter
kuffs- Peasant

Deki was injured while taking down a stairway. Fortunately, the injuries weren't too serious, though there were a lot of them.

2nd Timber, Late Autumn

The adamantine fields are finally finished.

3rd Timber

18th Timber

Unfortunately, OrangeSoda hasn't learned anything from this work of his. He remains under the thumb of the damn nobles. Luckily, he's a bone carver, so at least he gets steady work.

He just arrived here, too. A shame.

23rd Timber

I'm free! Fuck yeah! I'm finally free of these damned nobles and this damned ecnomy! I'm free!