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Part 133: Globofglob: Update 26

Everyone but Alius, Tinnyturtler, andSyntax! had abandoned their post when the first wave came.

Alius knocks the horse from under one with a well placed-bolt, while Tinny Turtler smashes the frost giant's reaching hand. The wrestler recoils, before doing a flying kick to distract the two from the spearman trying to flank them. Alius continues his flurry of bolts, but they are largely ineffective against the giants.

Syntax! swung his axe up into the frost giant's lower body, breaking his ribs and strewing his guts everywhere, as well as damaging several internal organs. Tinny smashes his hammer into the chest of the spearman, and the surge of blood from it's mouth suggests it's lungs were mangled. He quickly follows up with several brutal blows to it's legs and arms. Syntax hacks at the leg of the wrestler, hoping to slow him down. Another spearman tries to ride past them and attack Alius, but his warhorse was quickly crippled as Alius shot out it's front legs. Syntax finishes up the frost giant, and advances along the bridge to deal with the next wave. Tinny Turtler switches to defense, in order to protect Alius, while Alius in turn continues to kill their horses and finish off the most injured.

Syntax went a little too far ahead, and is caught between a wrestler and a speargiant. Tinny Turtler has confronted a mounted wrestler, whereas Alius has moved into close range.

Alius is still in a duel with that Spearman, though he does seem to be getting more skilled at it. Tinny Turtler is surrounded by a mounted wrestler with two broken arms, and the leader of this group, a spearman by the name of "Doombudded." He seems to be missing his throat. Alius pursues his spearman down the bridge. THough his wounds are insignificant, he doesn't seem to be tired.

Alius continues to chase and beat his exhausted enemy inneffectualy, and Tinny Turtler has managed to get himself surrounded by too speargiants. He's doing well, but he's incredibly tired.

After a day straight of constant fighting, That Guy Bob and Male Man show up, with myself close behind. I'm afraid I'm not the fastest of dwarves. Male Man smashes the wounded wrestler's head open, before finishing up his horse. That Guy Bob surges ahead, to help Tinny Turtler with the speargiants. He severs the weaker giant's left arm and right leg off, while Mole Man crushes his remaining arm and Tinny Turtler turns from the leader to deliver a blow to his torso.

Tinny Turtler's hands were broken by the giant during this lapse, followed by a blow to the neck with the haft of the leader's spear.

Though his wounds are serious, he is likely to survive. Meanwhile, Tehsid and Sirocco have shown up. While Mole Man pulls Tinny Away from the giant, Tehsid turns to face him. Sirocco stands with me, on top of the bridge. Tehsid got there before either of us did, so it's not really worth it to go down.

However, it is Mole Man who delivers the killing blow.

Alius continues to beat ineffectually with his crossbow. He's actually doing a lot better than he started.

Sadly, Tinny couldn't live to see his victory.

Spermy Smurf finally got sick of watching alius try and club the thing to death, so he launched it halfway to my tower. But their victory is shortlived. Another squad of Frost giants come.

Good thing Tehsid is herehis time. The guy has 58 kills, he's by far the best champion of this fortress.

Alius dies rather quickly as the axedwarves charge. In desperation, I unite all the dwarves into 1 squad, under Spermy Smurf, who is closest to the action. I also tell them all to meet at the gatehouse if they want to live.

That Guy Bob is surrounded, and Smuggins has fallen off the bridge onto the spikes. A wrestler is currently in the middle of plucking out her eyes.
However, the spike trap triggers and he dies before he can finish killing her. Smuggins only suffered yet another wound.

And the third squad comes. Pumpinglemma runs down to assist That Guy Bob, and Tehsid runs straight toward the axegiant squad.

SpermySmurf, TowerofOil, and Robindaybird join the fray, and Kitan runs behind them. The war dogs turned out to be increadibly useful,even though they die like flies.

Val Helmethead stands on the ledge above, about to climb down. I wonder if she'll still like frost giants at the end of this?