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Part 136: Globofglob: Update 29

Obsidian 9th, 146, Late Winter

Skullbuggy has offered himself up as a sacrifice. He's a legendary engraver and record keeper, so his death will be sure to please the gods.

I order him to get sword and a shield, as well as a set of leather armor. I don't want to use steel, because I used a lot of it making furniture for the new guard. Not sure how much we have left, and it's not my place to count.


"Are you sure about this, Skullbuggy?"

"Positive. Besides, it's either this or the spawn."

"Thank you for your sacrifice, Skullbuggy. The gods will reward you well for this."

"Attention, dwarves of this fortress. I, Globofglob, your overseer, have come to announce the sacrifice of the Dwarf Skullbuggy to the gods. Skullbuggy, being a brave and kind dwarf, has volunteered himself for this sacred duty. Right now, he is preparing himself for this task.

Skullbuggy was a legendary engraver and Record Keeper, and will no doubt be missed by many. But remember, with his sacrifice he helps to keep the spawn at bay, and gain us the favor of the gods. Remember him, but do not mourn him, for he is gone to a better place. Not that it's hard to find a better place than SyrupLeaf.

I ask of you now to leave these halls. Go stand before my period, and watch as Skullbuggy pulls the lever himself. I ask you, dwarves of this fortress, to watch a hero willingly choose his doom for the good of this fortress. Let Skullbuggy be an example to all of you, and strive to emulate his compassion and strength of will in your daily lives!"


All the dwarves of the fortress gathered at the base of the mountain, ballista looming mercilessly above. Up high, among the clouds, was Skullbuggy.

They all gathered here today to watch a hero die. Children were hoisted onto the shoulders of their parents, and every dwarf braved the cold and ice to say their silent goodbyes. On the 12th of Obsidian, when the sun was at it's zenith over this cold, barren land, Skullbuggy pulled the lever.

And he was gone.