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Part 137: Globofglob: Update 30

Obsidian 13, 146, Late Winter

Skullbuggy's death had made me think. Though I enjoy being overseer, it's quite a bit of work. I have all I ever wanted. Friends, legendary status, a good reputation. I live like a king. I really don't think it's necessary to be overseer to have a good quality of life anymore. I think I'll continue in the tradition of the previous overseet, and choose a successor next Spring. I have 17 more days as overseer, so I might as well spend them giving back to the fortress.

Low-quality, cheap housing that all can afford. It sucks to sleep on the floor, so I'm going to make these everywhere.

HifiHero has also been mauled by a cave swallow.

Leperfish has been kind enough to throw an Overseer retirement party. Or perhaps it's a skullbuggy death party. I don't really care though, it's been awhile since I've been able to go to one.

OrangeSoda died too, on the 21st. The wildlife are getting more violent, for some reason.

I sent the military out to deal with the polar bear. It's dead.

Spring has arrived, and I retire. Someone else can have this job, I don't have to do a lick of work for the rest of my life. Barring when a siege comes, of course.


Save will be up soon.

Bobbin Threadbare wrote :-

I am being sent now to my death, or so I suspect. In spite of my legendary contributions to the gemcutting craft, Globofglob has ordered me to leave the fortress to gather simple cave spider silk. While the command is innocuous enough on its surface, the wilderness outside crawls with monsters hungry for the flesh of a dwarf, and to myself, a noncombatant, a creature as pathetic as a man-bat or a polar bear could easlily be my end. I know not if Globofglob even suspects my involvment against him; one sent with me is Orange Soda, another legendary craftsdwarf who only recently contributed to SyrupLeaf's culture. Some strange agenda must lead Globofglob to deprive his fortress of proper artificers, but even now I know not if it is his own egoistic whim or some darker plan planted in his mind by the Adversary. I would seek to hide away from my fate, but to avoid a direct command from the overseer would invite a death far more certain than that lying out upon the glacier. Alas, too late I have realized that Daeren was correct in refusing to wait, and my own pleas of patience were poorly placed.

At least I shall have this record in place for whomever seeks to lead my cause after I am gone. And with! What are these visions that pass before my eyes? So much death...more spawn from the dark, from the frozen wastes, the enemies of dwarfdom united...why must so many Champions die?! And who She knows, She of the adamantine has given me these images, a parting "gift" ...But why?! No, wait, one still stands...Tehsid? But what could She possibly want...oh dear gods...if the Spawn were formed from one dwarf alone, then two...I can only pray that she sends me her intentions, and not a prophecy of an indelible future. Any dwarf who should be unfortunate enough to read this account, listen to me! You must take my place, prevent this horrid darkness from consuming the world! For if She were to find a mate, all who now live would die in pain and despair.

Do not let Holistic Detective get Tehsid!

Daeren closed the book, a stony look of determination in his eyes. "Don't you worry, Bobbin. I'll fix everything. Just you wait and see."

Vox nihili wrote :-

Daeren posted:

I, uh....

I have no idea how the fuck, I KNOW you didn't die on my turn so. Er.

I went to go check the post-glob save. Yet another casualty of the former overseer's conspiracy. This happened right near the end of his turn:

Sent out to collect webs from near the mouth of the chasm and hunted down by a polar bear, along with OrangeSoda.

markus_cz wrote :-

Uncle Skullbugy is dead?
I should be happy, but I'm sad.

Wow, that rhymes...

Though he was noble, and thus crappy
He made my mommy Ice Drake happy.