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Part 14: Royal W: Update 5


Winter has beset us, and we are still under siege. we hear the pounding of feet against the cavern ceilings and walls, yet our work continues.

Suddenly, the pounding begins to grow more faint... We began to wonder if they had finally lost interest...

Nope, they found a bug.

On another note, defense production continues along at a respectable pace. After ordering a supply of coke made, we have enough to begin refining steel around the clock. This made Vox very happy as he now has something suitable with which to ply his craft.

As the year wound down, the spawn had finally lost interest in us, and gave up their siege. Next time, we'll be ready. The relief of the siege ending was doubled by the announcement I recieved that said we were finally ready to being farming operations!

While it will take some time for our crops to yield brewable plants; we have the seeds in the ground! Soon, we'll be swimming in booze again, no more rationing!

Unfortunately, the siege kept any hopeful migrants away this season. This is probably for the best, since our food stores are running low. The caravan should be coming soon though, and with it, fresh supplies.

With that, the year 140 draws to a close at Syrupleaf. I believe I have done all I can do from an administrative position. Therefore, I'll be stepping down, allowing another to take care of the day-to-day operations. Meanwhile, I'll be practicing with my new axe and plate mail that Vox made for me. Next time the Spawn come, The Static Paints will be ready!

There we go, that took longer than I wanted it to, and I apologize for the delay. I'll have the file and vital stats up tomorrow!