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Part 141: Daeren: Update 4

14th Slate:

Spring's been going mostly uneventfully so far.

I whipped up the fortress into hauling mode and expanded the refuse stockpile. There's a metric ton of bones outside, and we were running out of room. They're STILL hauling Sand Raider bits inside.

I added some more coffins to the pauper tombs since we apparently had a backlog.

I got a message that Vanguard Warden had fallen unconscious hunting, and feared the worst. When I looked...

Yes, he shot that mammoth once and proceeded to break its leg with his bare hands before passing out from exertion and coming back inside to let the mammoth lie torpid in the snow.

Remind me not to piss him off.

Joy! Ten worthless booze-sponges when we're teetering on the edge of destruction. At least we can fill up the Royal Guard again.

[N.b.: I vaguely recall somebody wanting to be a Philosopher, so if someone indeed asked for it earlier let me know. Also, there was a single unnamed banged-up lyemaker in the fort just hangin' around that I co-opted for this.]

'Mortal Sword' Helmeven, Philosopher.
'Backhand' Vesselwiped, Soap Maker Royal Guard
'Kial' Partnertheater, Peasant Royal Guard
'Ghosthotel' Fordbolts, Cheese Maker Royal Guard
'Calaros' Tourkey, Peasant
'Shadow gamer' Speardefense, Weaver Fortress Guard (Come on, that name is too awesome to not be in the Guard)
'Touchdown boy' Chainrazor, Ranger
'CountryMatters' Hatchetspells, Peasant
'Tarezax' Soakchannel, Thresher
'Teledahn' Merchantpleated, Peasant w/ Kel Twinklingmansion the baby donkey and Tekkud Raptorwhip the donkey
'Knockknees' Lashpointy, the mystery Lye Maker.

Now, back to-


Apparently Backhand here is taking his name seriously, and is proceeding to beat the crap out of the Woolly Mammoth Vanguard left for dead. It's proceeding like the world's greatest slap-fight: the mammoth keeps falling unconscious, awakening stunned, crawling a foot away, then falling unconscious again, and Backhand has overexerted himself to the point where he's barely standing, and he's only inflicted minor bruises on the Mammoth. That keep healing.

This may take a while....