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Part 145: Daeren: Update 8

1st Hematite:

I have assigned every able bodied dwarf in the fortress to pick up an axe and learn to defend themselves with it. This place is too dangerous not to know how to fight.

Val Helmethead approached me with an offer. He wished for he and the rest of the Pariahs to regain their honor by leading a final purge of Tithleth's Accursed. I allowed them their dignity, replaced their armor and weaponry with the best available, and had them take point around the seal while the rest of the military waited.

Young kgummy broke the seal in the floor, only to discover that the stairs below it had been destroyed. bobtheturd volunteered to dig in a new access tunnel and went to work, followed by Spermy Smurf and Maelin. Maelin kept following him and pestering him about the meeting they were supposed to have, until Bob broke through to the chamber. A foul, thick, evil smell bellowed forth, and Bob wisely fled. Maelin, on the other hand....

Maelin's legs were both severed in one fell bite, and the spawn ate them like chicken bones. Maelin bled out quickly as the warning bells rang and the Pariahs rushed into the halls.

Skanky Burns shoved past Spermy Smurf and attacked the Greater Spawn, knocking it to the ground, but more and more lept from the shadows, nearly a dozen of them trying to squeeze into the choke point. Skanky valiantly fought until one of the spawn punched through his chest and tore out his beating heart, crushing it in its talons. Even then, Skanky had just enough strength to run the spawn through before dying.

Kitan followed shortly afterwards, inflicting grievous wounds left and right, until a Spawn bit off their weapon arm. Kitan screamed as the rest descended, and there was barely a corpse left once they were done.

It was then that everything went wrong. The horrible, nightmarish cry echoed forth, the cry that has heralded the death of a thousand fortresses before Syrupleaf, the cry that chills every Overseer's very soul.