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Part 147: Daeren: Update 10

The champions were enraged by this, and so fought with berserk fervor, the tides slowly turning, the Spawn forced back into their chambers. This berserk arrogance cost them.

Spermy stood atop Sirocco's corpse, beating back the Spawn attempting to defile it, and died in the process, unable to hold back so many alone.

TowerofOil finally lost his discipline and lunged forth, screaming his devotion to the Eternal Overseer and Spermy Smurf, and was torn to giblets by the waiting mass.

Soon the only Pariah left was Val Helmethead. Seeing his friends torn to pieces, and so many innocent lives lost, made something in him snap. He descended to the very depths of the pits, into the mass of bone and hellfire, and fought the last spawn in their very womb. Striking one down, he finally gave into the pain of his many wounds, and succumbed to the demons.

tehsid's squad, and what remained of Sirocco's, finished off the stragglers and made one final sweep. It was done. The demonic presence had been purged, the prisoners from before time had finally been released from their maddened torment. Litast will be pleased, and the Pariahs have cleared their names, becoming heroes of the Fortress by making the ultimate sacrifice.

This cleanup is going to be a bitch.

Sirocco wrote :-

A dark room, dimly lit by a single torch, lies in the underbelly of the fortress known as 'Syrupleaf'. It is, by any regard, a rather unremarkable room - and yet this is the room to which the dwarf goes. His small shoulders are slouched, his steps, heavy. Look closely and you will note he carries a hammer, its hammering end is sharpened to a point and a word has been carefully engraved in the side: 'Patsy'. The dwarf enters the dark room and relights the faltering torch to reveal the chamber's centrepiece.

It is a coffin. Scratches on the sides and the freshly swept floor indicate that it has been put to use within the last three days. The dwarf approaches the coffin and sighs before opening the lid and slipping the hammer inside. tehsid stands there for a rare moment of introspection.

'Goodbye, old...' he pauses. 'Friend, I suppose.' He closes the coffin lid with a thud that echoes surprisingly loudly in the still silence of the catacombs. He goes to leave but before closing the door he turns round to look at the small coffin for one last time.

'Ha ha ha.'