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Part 148: Daeren: Update 11

16th Hematite

Finally, a USEFUL caravan's shown up. Tall bastards may be arrogant but they bring gifts of booze and wood.

18th Hematite:

Today was...interesting.

Robindaybird has been utterly miserable since most of her squad died in the assault on the Pits, and lost it today when talking to a clothier. She kept screaming "YOUR FUCKING SHOES KILLED SIROCCO! YOUR FUCKING SHOES KILLED SIROCCO!" and eventually tore the entire shop to pieces with her bare hands.

I've had her thrown in prison for two weeks to cool off.

She didn't like it.

20th Hematite:

Apparently Mofeta sympathizes with Robindaybird's plight and tantrumed in bed, kicking and flailing and screaming despite her mangled foot.


Finally finished dealing with the humans. Oh sweet Litast it's so good to have booze again, and it only cost us two mechanisms to buy out their entire stock of everything.

1st Malachite: