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Part 151: Daeren: Update 14

9th Galena:

Wonderful, another cat we can't kill.

I've decided we have way too goddamn many dogs in the fortress.

So I'm butchering all of them but a few breeding pairs in case people want more eventually.

22nd Galena:

Robindaybird's been set free, and is ecstatic again.

And with that, the year is half over.

Val Helmethead wrote :-

"The Avaricious-Mountaingoat"

On the wall is a horribly drawn image. On it is the image of a Val Helmethead Kedeshtan Cugshillakal Shorast. On it is the image of Greater Spawn of Holistic. Val Helmethead is striking down the spawn. This relates to the death of Val Helmethead Kedeshtan Cugshillakal Shorast, regaining her good name in glorious combat on 1st Hematite Year 147.

Screaming Idiot wrote :-

Screaming Idiot took a long pull of his ale and flicked the ashes of a cigar into an ashtray made from the hollowed-out skull of a lesser spawn. Little markus_cz looked up at him and tilted his head.

"How come you didn't come to my party, Screamy?"

The filthy, grease-stained dwarf looked at the child and managed a weak smile. "I... jus' donnae feel like partyin' at tha moment, lad. Now run 'long, I got a few things ta think about."

Markus_cz opened his mouth to speak, but the pained look in the pump operator's eyes silenced anything he was going to say.

Screaming Idiot buried his head in his arms and sighed heavily. He was feeling lonely these days. He hated drinking alone.