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Part 154: Daeren: Update 17

The Champions finally get to the wave of Spawn and begin to hack them apart left and right, booting them down into the lava, slicing them to ribbons, and crushing them underfoot.

One Spawn turns the tide, at least temporarily.

It LEAPS UP from the magma tubes and tackles Male Man, covering him in burning molten rock, and is quickly dispatched. Male Man, however, is now on fire.

And he decides to high-five Robindaybird.

We now have two flaming champions running around screaming in the farms.

Male Man eventually collapses as his feet crumble to cinders, and chokes on his own blood.

Robin collapses just inches from the stairwell full of dwarves, barely averting the flaming death of the entire Fortress.

The Spawn are leaving. I think I can hear them laughing.

I'm going to go have a nice long cry now.