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Part 158: Daeren: Update 21

The rest of Moonstone went quietly and briskly, reassembling the gatehouse and starting the long process of cleaning the corpses off of the mountain.

1st Opal:


6th Opal:

Eiba threw a victory party in the concert hall. Rather well done, actually, even if he was constantly trying to take the mic from the singer to blabber about the dead war moles.

9th Opal:

FebrezeNinja kept running around screaming "GRATES FOR THE GRATE GOD! FEBREZE FOR THE FEBREZE THRONE!" Maybe if I give him more grates he'll fucking shut up.

Progress on my research is going wonderfully. I think I know how to end all this.

15th Opal:

Say hello to the NEW batch of recruits! Let's just hope they don't die so damn quickly this time.

It appears I have everything I'll need.

23rd Opal:

This will only end in tears.

11th Obsidian:

FebrezeNinja wants himself a fancy hat. I swear the bastard hoards the most useless crap.

Accursed throws a party at the well, of all places. Fuckin' nobles, dude. I just hammer people, it's a living.

20th Obsidian:

A helmet, a backpack, and some grates? What the fuck is he planning on doing, going on some sort of grate...using...expedition?

FUCKING NOBLES! I'm so close, I do NOT need to be distracted so late in the game!


28th Obsidian:

This is it. My final entry as the Overseer. And my final entry. All the preparations are complete.

I have avoided writing this in fear of compromise, but now I shall write my plan down. I have been searching for a way to exorcise the entire region of demons and trapped souls, and I have found one. It shall require my soul as a battery, and I give it willingly. I sacrifice my hopes of ever seeing Litast's glory with the knowledge I have saved the fortress from eternal damnation.

Adamantium, silver, cold iron, and the soul of a true believer. These banes of evil, mixed with the obsidian process that entraps a soul, will create a spiritual lighthouse, a beacon of eternal light that will shine over this land and bar demonic influence. I shall banish all the corrupt forces that have a hold here. I shall banish Tithleth, Ostesh, and Holistic Detective. I shall banish the ghosts that haunt the halls and the obsidian deep below. I shall ensure no more souls are lost to the clutches of Parasol. Any Spawn that get into the beacon's light shall be cursed to meet their doom.

I have been training a successor. An immigrant I did not name in my reports, one I took under my wing secretly. My old nemesis and now shining pupil. TremendousMajestic. Ironic how Firos's child was given the same name.

He shall take my position, my cowl and hammer of office. He shall take the clan name of Edimtosid, and carry on the proud tradition of Hammering. I shall use my immortal soul to protect the fortress for eternity. And I shall use Globofglob's twisted edifice for my own purpose, with a bit of tweaking.

I finish this journal with a tired mind. So many dark forces have pressed upon the Fortress this year, sensing my plans before I even knew I had them. Yet we have beaten them, and Litast's glory has won the day. I go to my fate with a smile.


bobtheturd closed the dwarf leather journal with a loud thud, years of writing sitting before him.

"So, when will the statue be in place?"

"Any moment now, sir." TremendousMajestic replied. "I've got Vox Nihili putting it in place."

Silento Boborachi was chained up before them both, glaring from behind his obsidian sunglasses. Suddenly, he began to shudder, and a horrible noise rose from his gut. The growl turned to a scream as two bolts of light erupted from his eyes, shattering his glasses to a million tiny splinters.

A loud rush of air swept through the entire fortress, shaking the very stone of the mountain, and a torrent of screams and whoops of joy were carried out with it, tiny emblems shattering as their contents were hoisted from them, and obsidian slowly losing its power. Every last trace of spiritual corruption, and every last trapped soul, were carried off to their reward...or punishment.

Silento blinked. He looked confused.

"Welcome back, Mr. Boborachi," Bob said with a smile. "We have one hell of a story for you."

This is an obsidian statue of Daeren Edimtosid. All crafstdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is inlaid with strands of raw obsidian. It is studded with cold iron. It is encrusted with silver. Daeren Edimtosid is melting. Daeren Edimtosid is screaming. Daeren Edimtosid is laughing. Daeren Edimtosid is making a rude gesture.