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Part 159: Daeren: Intermission

Wait, what the FUCK?

Let me explain. I wanted some way to wrap up the stuff about Parasol, obsidian, and soul-harvesting before it became a plot tumor that refused to die, as it appeared to be in the process of becoming. I decided to tie this in with the idea of meDorf being a crazy fanatic of Litast, and this idea came to me. I know some future rulers probably have some plans hinging on demonic influence or somesuch, and I don't want to utterly cockblock them, so you can cook up some way of destroying the statue or otherwise working around it. I just wanted to give a fitting end to a lot of loose threads, and make an awesome end for an awesome (and fucking crazy) year.

As for TremendousMajestic...well, I had the idea of passing the torch the whole time, and decided to work that in too. You're the Hammerer now, but you/me got a leg wound and an arm wound that should heal up eventually. We got it from killing a frost giant while we were lootin' bodies.

And with this, I bow out of my turn at this magnificent LP, and look forward to seeing how Syrupleaf evolves from here. I had a hell of a lot of fun with this, my first real experience in LPing, and learnt a lot from it. I hope you had as much fun reading this shit as I did making it.

Edit: No, I didn't actually kill the Hammerer in the final save, I used the power of save dickery to make those for the story.

Chance II wrote :-

As I sit at my work table, idly rolling the strange orb I found in my quarters, I reflect on the events of the past year. In one short span of seasons this fortress has faced any number of assaults both mortal and ethereal and triumphed. I feel that with Overseer Daeren's sacrifice and his example, I should put an end to my dalliances with the occult. Like the strange contraption rolling across my desk, it seems empty. I do not know if Dearen's Soul Torch will keep back the darkness I have dreaded for so long. I do know that this fortress needs warriors now, perhaps, more than ever. Tehsid may be a bloodsoaked murder machine but he cannot fight alone. No dwarf should have to fight alone.

Great year Dearen! I really liked the way you wrapped up both the year and all our dangling plot threads.

Chance II wrote :-

Here you go Dearen. One Soul Torch Statue and a bonus pic of a dwarven Recruit sporting the latest in Frost Giant bone helm technology.

Burgomaster wrote :-

Daeren posted:

This is an obsidian statue of Daeren Edimtosid. All crafstdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is inlaid with strands of raw obsidian. It is studded with cold iron. It is encrusted with silver. Daeren Edimtosid is melting. Daeren Edimtosid is screaming. Daeren Edimtosid is laughing. Daeren Edimtosid is making a rude gesture.

Click here for the full 750x844 image.

I've been following this thread for a week just catching up. Everything is awesome on a biblical scale. Dwarf me if possible.

Kgummy wrote :-

I suppose I'll have to finish up my narrative then. Wrap up most of the loose ends, and such.
It was almost over. All that remained was to destroy the hideous experiments that went on, along with the devices that could be destroyed. Some were either too dangerous to be destroyed... or could not be destroyed.

The previous day was interesting, just like Kgummy thought. The possessed Silento indeed performed as predicted. He placed Globofglob's soul into a golem.

And then, unexpectedly, he turned to Kgummy, and attempted to speak. That's when Globofglob hit Silento in the head. The procedure the possessed Silento had used, had failed. Globofglob knew how to counteract it, and was able to move as the golem. Kgummy told Globofglob to hold him.

Kgummy went to find Daeren. A noble dwarf, Kgummy had remembered what he had said. It had become clear Silento was possessed, and Daeren had set up the removal of the possession. Even sacrificed himself to protect the souls of those who died. So that they would finally be free.

Kgummy had realized that the things that could not be destroyed needed guarding. What better than a golem? Or rather two. Globofglob was one. And to keep him company, Bobbin. Together they would guard.

Most of the things could be destroyed, or in the case of the Parasol stored spawn, killed. The spherical device was destroyed, by hammer. Magma was too dangerous, for most of the Parasol devices. Quite a few reacted to magma. The soul sphere was hammered, and the souls released. The idols were destroyed as they could be. Kgummy's special idol was destroyed; information of Parasol was deemed too dangerous to be left available. Interestingly, the information left both Kgummy and Globofglob when it was destroyed.

It just meant Kgummy had less to remember. He could forget the horrors of Parasol more easily. Most of the emblems were deactivated, permanently. Only Bobbin and Globofglob's emblems were the ones that survived. Daeren's plan would use... somewhat different soul storing methods. The same principle, but more able to counter the demonic grip on the fortress of Syrupleaf.

Kgummy wrote none of this down. This was one story that was best left... forgotten.