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Part 16: 64bitrobot: Update 1

Hey guys, I haven't had too too much time to play, but I've manged to get at least something. I doubt I'll have a very deadly fun update, but hopefully the fort will become stable.


A Dwarf's Log - 1st Granite
...How did it end up like this? Here I am...out in the middle of Freeze to death, nowhere. And these crazy dwarves want me to lead them. Ha ha, ha, ha...I hate my life.

Well...guess I might as well look over our situation...not good...damn...first off...we need more bins. We may have 72 of them, but you can never have too many bins. But we're low on wood, so I can't use it all up, I order three bins made, for a round 75 bins. Oh, and apparently we need buckets, so I'm having two of those made.

I'm so hungry, but we have so little food...I would put into action a solution to this problem, but we have no kittens. Although, I wonder where they got fish in this wasteland, I see fish bones all over the place.

We seem to have a bunch of shells, that's good. At least no one will go crazy from lacking a shell to finish some crazy project they would be working on.

I found a bunch of bolts, single bolts, clogging up an ammo bin. I've marked them to be melted. They've been marked for melting, but there's no standing order to melt metal objects. I've ordered a metal workshop to melt some metal items.

2nd of Granite

OUCH! Damn rocks. All over the damn floor. I want to do something about them, but there's far more important stuff at hand.
Where is that dwarf going?! Why is he leaving the fortress?! Who knows what's out there! What do you mean he's going to get a metal object for melting? Forget it! Screw melting the metal objects. Stay inside the damn fort. Who knows how many random objects outside are designed for melting.

3rd of Granite

I had a cage built near the butcher shop. I'm tired of tripping over these dogs.

Fortunally, it seems our farmers are working hard. Food shall be ours!

I know already! We have a lot of them! Stop telling me!

4th of Granite

WE HAVE STRUCK TALC! Whoop de doo. At least I know where the exploration mines are now.
We have many rocks. We have many mechanisms. Put some stone-fall traps near the entrance you lazy oafs.

5th of Granite

Do I even want to know why I found an entire set of dwarf clothes and a steel shield near the magma forge?


Anyways everyone, sorry if my update is a bit bad/bland/<other negative adjective here>. This is my first time playing in a succession game.