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Dwarf Fortress - Syrupleaf

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Part 161: Zyla: Update 1

1st of Granite, 148.

Syrupleaf, the new home of the Dwarves.

The gods, moved by the sacrifice of the many stout folk, and especially the one named Daeren, have sent me down from the heavens to reform this land into something more befitting the area. The tenacity of these folk to have settled in such a harsh climate impresses even the most pessimistic among us in the pantheon.

I have been instructed to guide these tiny titans in a way that pleases the lords. While I am not allowed to manifest myself physically, I am allowed to whisper commands to those that will accept them.

Such proud folk deserve better of the land they reside in than the constant attacks and biting cold.

We shall reward the ways befitting their dwarven nature......

Already, it has begun.