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Part 165: Zyla: Update 5

Late Spring/Early Summer, 148

The dwarves from their safer holes show their cowardice, as they seek to avoid this land that has already claimed their queen. The pantheon and its agents will surely look down on such actions in the coming months.

Screaming Idiot, a soldier, was somehow jailed as a punishment for the inability to complete a work order that was not his responsibility. These nobles surely must realize that locking up some of your greatest champions in a time of need will lead to their deaths.

The miners that I have whispered to have almost completed the necessary excavation for phase one of the blessing.

Impressed with the miner's abilities, we have seen fit to bless one of the dwarves of the fortress with wondrous visions. We shall see if his mind can handle the power we have instilled within it

He did not disappoint us.

The blessings of the pantheon are beginning to manifest themselves.

Cheers rung out at the discovery of new life within the once solidly frozen waters.

The pantheon is confused as to the possibility of the creation of these fish. They were certainly not divinely inspired. None within the council had any explanation as they watched these fish multiply within the pond.

They decided to look closer at this lifeform.

Everything still appeared normal...

What is that speck on the fish?

Wait a minute...thats...