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Part 167: Zyla: Update 7

11th, Hematite, 148

Clearly the spawn insist that this campaign will be one of the bloodiest yet.

The humans have arrived as well.

The spawn have arrived in three squads of approximately 10, to the west, the south and the northeast.

A few more showed up after this list was created.

The northeastern party.

The western, and main party, along with one of the high guard of the Spawn.

The pantheon appears to be largely unaware of the spawn, with one possible exception. Here is the view that they have of the fortress and the view that I have being down here on the surface. The spawn appear to be veiled against the scrying methods that the lords use to keep an eye on things.

The southern spawn.

The dwarves have drawn up a plan to inflict devastating losses upon the spawn, and to no longer abide the retreat of these vile creatures. Unfortunately, our relations with the humans may suffer. We will need to hurry and buy out their wares before the spawn slaughter them all.

The first wagon is coming in, the spawn are massing.The champions stand ready to deliver.

Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl,
Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl.