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Part 170: Zyla: Update 10

Siege, Second Wave

Vikingofrock and Backhand have emerged from the tunnels to assist in the defense this time. Many other seemingly useless military dwarves tarry in the tunnels, drinking or sleeping off injuries.

The spawn advance from the north. The alarm sounds once again. The dwarves, now warmed up for battle appear eager to take on this second wave. How could they lose with a demigod like tehsid on the field?

Niceaaron moves to assist the end of the caravan, nearly instantly killing a harassing spawn.

Satisfied that the caravan is safe, Niceaaron runs for the fortress and makes it...running inside, for some thirst quenching beer.

Further the spawn advance...

Bobthethurd looks up from the mining he is doing and looks up at the skylight. He sees the mass of charging spawn from the bottom of his hole. He immediately runs to the front of the fortress, knowing what he must do.

The second wave is rapidly advancing on the bridge. A merchant runs for his life...hopefully he can make it in time.

The spawn, sensing an easy meal ignore the dwarves momentarily to crush the lagging merchants. The merchants all flee for their lives.

Get between them and the merchants, the guard captain shouts to his fellow guardsmen.

One of the spawn has a name amongst the others, Riddlednightmare. It appears to be talking particular delight in this slaughter, ignoring the paltry wounds that the beleaguered human resistance deals him.

The spawn carry out their dark work quickly and feverishly

The guard bought valuable time for the merchants to escape, but at a terrible cost.

They come.

"PULL THE LEVER," bobthethurd yells from deep within the bowels of the earth, terrified at what he has seen through the holes in the ground.

"NOT YET." yells tehsid, you'll give away our tactical advantage. Let them come in closer.

Unfortunately, Murder Mystery comes out of nowhere to pull the lever.

Cry Havok...and Let Slip the Moles of War!