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Part 17: 64bitrobot: Update 2

The Bored Writings of A Fortress Overseer.

5th of Granite

I've just remembered the ultimate defense! A moat! We need a damned Moat. I'll settle for a pit at this point though. Start digging a pit!

...Why are you all puking? Get out there and dig a pit!

7th of Granite

Praise be! The river has melted again! We can start filling our cistern with fresh water again!

8th of Granite

Some Dwarf named 'hankor' became a Furnace Operator. Useful I suppose.

I wonder if we can pump magma up into the moat.


Next update!


I'll play a bit more today when I get back from school (Long day today, go in around 11 am get out around 9 pm.

CountryMatters wrote :-

I drew a thing I've been wanting to draw since I got my first Dungeon Master. Hopefully it's funny? Comedy is new to me.

It's not really relevant to this particular fortress just yet but its good practice for if I am called upon to engrave any future events in our mighty dwarven halls.

Explanation: the dungeon master comes wearing only gloves, boots and a cloak. And then he/she rapidly claims more cloaks to put on top of it. It seemed funny at the time.