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Part 173: Zyla: Intermission

Again I apologize for a little bit of a lull in the proceedings. The GF is quite a persuasive lady :V

I plan to be done with my turn by tuesday at the latest, with many updates to come.

A taste:

tehsid's new  SKULLTHRONE  being built

Knockknees wrote :-

Zyla posted:

Late Spring/Early Summer, 148

Impressed with the miner's abilities, we have seen fit to bless one of the dwarves of the fortress with wondrous visions. We shall see if his mind can handle the power we have instilled within it

He did not disappoint us.

When I woke up in an unfamiliar workshop holding an exquisite helm, I didn't understand. My first thought must be that I had taken one of those 'moods' that other dwarves have had - you know, when a dwarf in a sudden burst of inspiration realizes their full potential. But not me. It was like else moved my hands and they didn't stay with me. Now I just feel empty.

I went to TremendousMajestic for his thoughts. Seems like he's the only noble around here with any sense. He tried to wave my worries away by telling me I was a vessel of the gods, performing the will of the divine or something. That's right, I was a vessel - poured out all over floor and wasted and forgotten like a bucket of lye kicked over.

Maybe some champion is wearing my helmet out in the siege right now. I'm too far underground to care.

Whenever anyone asks me how I'm doing I put a big smile on my face and tell them I'm ecstatic. Who wouldn't be? All of us here, we're the butt of the biggest joke the gods have ever played. Ha!

I don't think I'm ever going to be a Soaper.